Kittylicious Latest releases blogged by Sydd Sinister!

My ‘Four Elements’ series of shapes-Earth, Air, Fire and Water-have been blogged my the ever wonderful Sydd Sinister. Sydd has a fabulous blog, ‘The Black Blogger’, and she has an amazing flair for creating funky and stylish looks on her pages. I’ll be honest, I have no idea how she does it..her inventory must take a week to upload each time she logs on for starters and her pictures are always beautifully composed. Where does she find the time? Sydd is an expert at getting the best out of a shape and an outfit. She’s created looks using my shapes that I would never have considered, and shown just how versatile they really are, which is awesome for me to see. My favourite look that she’s created uses ‘Fire’ as the shape and is a real treat, kind of urban rock chick. All the shapes that Sydd has featured are available at my Second Style Island location, where there are also demos for you to try before you buy. Demos are of course free, and each shape is a mere L$100….put simply, when you see what Sydd has done with them you’d be daft not to indulge:) Thank you Sydd for your inspirational photos! Click HERE to go and see for yourself…and check out Sydd’s blog on a regular basis for inspirational looks, it’s one of the best:)

Sensational Sydd!

Seriously, if you’ve never visited her blog you really MUST. Sydd is a fabulous “look-blogger”;  mixing and matching and coming up with some of the best outfit combinations upon the grid.

I’m firmly of the opinion that she’s up there with the best, her mash-ups are a constant source of inspiration to me.
I genuinely love her work, and each time I visit her blog I spot *lots* of things that I want/need/must have…like now for instance..grrr! If I was a designer I’d be seriously chuffed with being featured upon her pages, oh wait..I am kind of now, and I’ve been blessed this week because she’s done me the HUGEST of honours by blogging ALL my shapes and they look brilliant, I wish I had her talent, that’s for sure!
Anyway, go and visit Sydd. I’m off to get a couple of things she’s featured, especially the “Pig- Retroesque” dress in dark grey…nom nom NOM!

My First Review Is In….Thank you Sydd Sinister!

OMG OMG squuuuueeeeallll! OK Kitty..calm down…eeep I can’t help it!

Sydd Sinister has reviewed my shapes, and when I say reviewed I mean kicked some serious blogging arse!  She’s done a SUPERB job, showing the shapes in a completely different light to how I display them and I’m so very proud and honoured! They look BRILLIANT..see?

Sydd Sinister

Don’t just take my word for it though..get your bodacious buns over to Sydd Sinister’s superb blog and look at the wonderful pictures featuring the shapes…I can’t stop smiling! Thank you Sydd!

And don’t forget, these shapes are available for either L$1o0 or L$150 each at my stall in Malt!