Sensational Sydd!

Seriously, if you’ve never visited her blog you really MUST. Sydd is a fabulous “look-blogger”;  mixing and matching and coming up with some of the best outfit combinations upon the grid.

I’m firmly of the opinion that she’s up there with the best, her mash-ups are a constant source of inspiration to me.
I genuinely love her work, and each time I visit her blog I spot *lots* of things that I want/need/must have…like now for instance..grrr! If I was a designer I’d be seriously chuffed with being featured upon her pages, oh wait..I am kind of now, and I’ve been blessed this week because she’s done me the HUGEST of honours by blogging ALL my shapes and they look brilliant, I wish I had her talent, that’s for sure!
Anyway, go and visit Sydd. I’m off to get a couple of things she’s featured, especially the “Pig- Retroesque” dress in dark grey…nom nom NOM!

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