Kitty’s EPIC fail…..

..then laugh at my UTTER ineptitude and out-right inability to be anything other than a buffoon of gargantuan proportions. No,seriously I am, to quote ‘Top Gear’, a cock. (Although has anyone else noticed that they don’t say that as much as they used to? In fact, not one ‘Cock’ has been uttered this whole series so far..very disappointing)
Anyway, this WAS Damon. Isn’t he lovely? He was my first shape for fellas and I was going to release him this weekend to you all.
I find creating shapes for chaps a much bigger deal than it is for ladies, BUT this one just worked. I love his fact I’d give him a right good nomming given half the chance….I wanted him to be of a slim build, not one of the heavy jocks that seem to festoon certain areas of the grid. This chap ain’t a pussy, but he’s no hulk either…he had muscle but was more slim than muscular and manly. I was really proud of him.
Note this is all past tense? I’m afraid this story will not end on a happy note..basically I’ve lost the shape. No, I know..don’t ask. It was a bit of a blow when I realised. I’d actually constructed a spreadsheet where I’d been recording all my shape stats and I had input his details on there for safekeeping after I’d tweaked and twiddled..BUT utter nooboid error, I’d NOT saved the shape. Looking back I am AMAZED I would do that..but alas, tis done and he’s gone to shape heaven…..
So farewell Damon my love….you will be replaced in my affections soon I hope by a suitable, similarly proportioned model..but nothing makes up for your first time does it really? Lesson to learn here folks…use ‘SAVE’ more often!

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