A huge ‘YES’ to PSB’s inspired Machinima

A huge ‘YES’ to PSB’s inspired Machinima

Good ol’ Shinjles:)  She sent me an e-mail to my RL work to cheer me up with a cracking story off New World Notes.  A chap called Nath Jonesford has made a PSB inspired machinima and it is rather brilliant..it must have taken lots of work to create and I think he should be rightly proud of his work.  I love it, it’s inspired and the track, ‘The Way It Used To Be’ is my favourite off the album and he’s re-mixed it beautifully. Well done NWN for picking this one up and sharing with us!

 Nathan also has a YOUTUBE channel featuring some earlier videos and he creates his own re-mixes of PSB’s choons..a man after my own heart, make no mistake! (If you’re reading this we should meet up in world Nath and wax lyrical on all things PSB!)

Incidentally, it’s Chris Lowe’s 5oth in October, and as the proprietor of the PSB’s fan group in SL I am planning on holding some kind of event to mark the occasion..hopefully a huge PSB party at a club…..( I’m negotiating with Amanda on that one!)

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