In League with the Devil….

In League with the Devil….

Last night I sent my first ever notice out to ‘Fashcon’, which was ever so exciting and I got quite a few visitors to my store..woot! ( Kitty does a happy clap) One of the ladies who visited was ever so nice, and I must apologise if she’s reading this as I forgot her name, BUT she suggested I go to League to check out the skins. I was very keen to do this, because as a shape creator I’m only too well aware of the importance of a quality skin to bring out the very best in your shape, and vice versa. If you pick up a pants shape, chances are your skin won’t ‘sit’ as well as it should…Anyway, it’s important to me to try as many skins as poss and make sure they look good when worn with my handi-work. This was the first one I tried on…
I don’t really need to say much at all here do I..except..isn’t this bloody sensational? If you squint your eyes you can kind of see the image without lines but to be honest I think you still get a great feel for how well this skin performs. I adore it. It costs a fortune and hopefully I’ll start making more sales so I can buy the ruddy thing but just *wow*! This skin, I kid you not, practically makes you melt. If you’re not melting that’s because you’ve had to leave the PC to go and change your pants due to excitement wee that you’ve accidentally let go:)
This is a beautiful, seminal skin production folks. The colouration, the tonal value..the whole package just works perfectly and I am so impressed. I’m wearing my ‘Kittylicious! Ultimate Kittycurve’ shape here and I think you’ll agree the effect is rather swell, don’t you think?
So there you go, it’s official ( as far as I’m concerned)..League skins look great with my shapes ( Note: this sentiment isn’t endorsed by League, it’s purely my opinion..but if you don’t believe me just look at the bloody speaks for itself!)
( I’m adding them to my list to go with Redgrave,Curio, Tuli and LAQ)

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