Kittylicious! Shapes at the 2009 Skin/Shape Expo

Well, the shapes have been made, the vendors are installed and the Skin and Shape Expo 2009 is good to go!  Guys, it looks AMAZING and if you’re looking for the opportunity to acquire some beautiful skins and bodacious shapes then you’d better get ready because you’re in for the treat of a lifetime.  Some of the best designers in world, as well as some of the most promising newcomers, are all showcasing their wares at this 2 week event (myself included)

I can’t tell you how exciting it is wandering around the minimally styled sim and peek in  through the doors of each store and see the riot of colours and designs exploding upon the’s so utterly enticing that you will need all your wits about you to ensure that you don’t spend an absolute fortune there..I know it will be a struggle for me!

So, let me tell you about my wee outlet there. It’s choc full of Kittylicious goodness…For starters, I’ve selected 8 of my signature range of shapes to display at the expo.  Each shape retails at L$100, like they do in store, BUT for the Expo ONLY there is a rather amazing deal, which is all 8 of these signature shapes for JUST L$500!

The shapes included in this value pack are:
*Kittylicious! Kittycurve
*Kittylicious! Needed
*Kittylicious! Wanted
*Kittylicious! Cherry Dahling
*Kittylicious! Suzuka
*Kittylicious! Vanity

But wait, that’s only 6?  That’s right..because two of the shapes are NEW RELEASES that I’m launching at the expo and will be bringing to the stores after it closes!

The two NEW Signature shapes are called:
*Kittylicious! Mica
*Kittylicious! Asha

So to recap..that’s 8 shapes for the price of 5, 2 of them brand new!


There are THREE new themed shapes in store, just in time for Halloween!

They are:

Each retail at L$75 each, or all three in a box for just L$175!

But wait!! EVEN MORE?! ( Am I MAD?!)

There are TWO special EXPO-ONLY releases…. 1 female, and 1 male.
Yes, that’s right, there’s a male Kittylicious! shape at last, and he’s the lovely, delicate ‘Eric’.  He’s on display with his companion, the slinkiest Kittylicious! shape yet, ‘The Model’ and both of them cost L$100 each. Remember, they’re only available during the expo!

But wait….hang on a minute…even MORE?

Yep, look in store and you’ll find THREE other wonderful additions to the Kittylicious! family:


LAST BUT NOT LEAST….This is a charity event so you can also purchase a shape that is rather close to my heart.  It is inspired by, and named after, my beloved RL BFF ‘Dee’, who died from Breast Cancer just over a year ago. ‘Dee’ is a lovely shape with an utterly beautiful face, and costs just L$300, with 50% of proceeds going to the ‘Susan G Koman-For The Cure’ charity. I hope you will find a place in your heart for this very special shape….

**What you won’t find at the Expo**
You won’t find all of my shapes on display at the expo, nor will you find the Posemaster range of Poses, or The ‘Desperate Romantics’ Collection…but what you will find is the same Kittylicious! quality and value that you’ve come to expect from my exclusive range. 

So, enjoy wandering around the site and take your time to enjoy all the beautiful shapes and skins on display from a vast array of designers from all across the grid, and have a wonderful time!



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