Kitty @ The Skin/Shape Expo in CURIO

During the expo I’m going to blog some of the skins that are available for purchase, and obviously in a shameless act of self-promotion I’ll team them with my shapes…

First up  is this utter bobby dazzler by Curio. I’ve ALWAYS loved Curio skins, and this one is a beauty. The sheer colouration and the skin blemishes are obviously painstakingly worked into this design with the utmost care. I mean, just look at my norks in this picture!! No-seriously..just look. Perfect aren’t they? That’s because this skin has near perfect shading which provides a sense of depth and authenticity which is hard to come by.  I mean,  just look at those nipples for nomminess!
In all seriousness though, this is a fabulous skin.

It’s very ‘real’, BUT you can really sense an edginess to it. The face is simply breathtaking on this, making the entire look just utterly beautiful.
It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to wear a Curio skin because they are an experience entirely unto themselves.  In my opinion that’s due to the subtle fantastical feel that the skins seem to renders them very special indeed, so I strongly suggest that if you have never tried them before that you use the expo to your advantage and give them a try. 

Finally, I’m wearing the Kittylicious Ultimate Kittycurve! shape in this picture (L$100) and I think it looks spot on with the skin, plus my usual Miriel eyes (Sepia tone) and some of the latest hair by Truth. This one is called ‘Miaa’ in Mahogany and I think it’s one of his best so far…

All in all I think this is completely ravishing and I hope you agree! (Go check out the Expo!!)

*Shape- Ultimate Kittycurve by Kittylicious
*Skin is GP Bean Light Vixen Majesty 2 by Curio
*Hair is Miaa by Truth
*Eyes are Sepia by Miriel

2 thoughts on “Kitty @ The Skin/Shape Expo in CURIO

  1. I think that often times its rude to comment on a woman’s nipples. But in this case I think I will make an exception. 😉

    They’re fabulous, dahling! This is making me wish more and more that I had more L$ to spend!


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