..because, if you don’t, you will miss out on seeing first hand without any hassle the sheer gorgeousness that is the Skin/Shape Expo 2009.

Obviously it’s going to be busy with a capital ‘B’, and although the sim has been designed with the aim of minimal lag in mind let’s face it, there are bound to be problems getting in…but there is a way to see all the goodies without experiencing rez-hell.

So, go and make a cup of tea, sit down and CLICK HERE…because the link will take you to the Expo booklet that has been produced by Zoe Demar, and it is 96 pages of sheer delight on a stick. She’s created a genuinely beautiful bible of all the wonders on display for you to sit and peruse at your leisure.  You can use the booklet to make a list of all the vendors that you want to visit.  If you ask me the biggest enjoyment from the whole experience is the aimless meandering around these kinds of shows, and the frisson of excitement that you get when visiting a store you wouldn’t normally bother with before being completely gobsmacked by the wares on display…SO, take your time and wallow in the beauty of Zoe’s images and then hit the expo!  I’m so utterly chuffed to be included! ( I’m on page 75…wee!) Thank You Zoe for all your hard work on the booklet – in fact thanks to everyone behind the project: Foxy, Maddox and Sasy ( nd anyone that I’ve unintentionally missed out!) It’s going to be a GREAT success and lets hope it raises oodles of spondoolicks for the nominated charity. ‘Susan G Komen For The Cure’.

  In fact, please visit the website to see what this amazing charity is all about. I hadn’t realised until I visited  that it was Breast Cancer specific, and as you’ll know that’s an important subject to me…

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