Kitty @ The Skin/Shape Expo in CURIO

During the expo I’m going to blog some of the skins that are available for purchase, and obviously in a shameless act of self-promotion I’ll team them with my shapes…

First up  is this utter bobby dazzler by Curio. I’ve ALWAYS loved Curio skins, and this one is a beauty. The sheer colouration and the skin blemishes are obviously painstakingly worked into this design with the utmost care. I mean, just look at my norks in this picture!! No-seriously..just look. Perfect aren’t they? That’s because this skin has near perfect shading which provides a sense of depth and authenticity which is hard to come by.  I mean,  just look at those nipples for nomminess!
In all seriousness though, this is a fabulous skin.

It’s very ‘real’, BUT you can really sense an edginess to it. The face is simply breathtaking on this, making the entire look just utterly beautiful.
It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to wear a Curio skin because they are an experience entirely unto themselves.  In my opinion that’s due to the subtle fantastical feel that the skins seem to renders them very special indeed, so I strongly suggest that if you have never tried them before that you use the expo to your advantage and give them a try. 

Finally, I’m wearing the Kittylicious Ultimate Kittycurve! shape in this picture (L$100) and I think it looks spot on with the skin, plus my usual Miriel eyes (Sepia tone) and some of the latest hair by Truth. This one is called ‘Miaa’ in Mahogany and I think it’s one of his best so far…

All in all I think this is completely ravishing and I hope you agree! (Go check out the Expo!!)

*Shape- Ultimate Kittycurve by Kittylicious
*Skin is GP Bean Light Vixen Majesty 2 by Curio
*Hair is Miaa by Truth
*Eyes are Sepia by Miriel

She is statuesque…

..and you can be too!   FREE SHAPE coming very SOON!

Oh,and the picture credits are:
*Hair is called Suri by Exile ( I think!),
*Eyes are Silver Screen By Miriel
* Underwear is by Insolence
*Skin is by LAQ ( Isobel)
*Bangles were a random freebie…

Beautiful New Release from Miel-‘Leafy’

(Ignore the weird blocky effect on the dress, I’m pretty sure that’s more an issue with my adjustment than with the actual frock..)I am *always* excited when I get an update to say that Miel have new items in store. Miel is such a satisfying place to shop.The store is well presented, the clothing arranged beautifully and it makes for a highly enjoyable experience.   There’s imagination and thought in every design, and you’re assured of quality, something that is backed-up by the regular gifts distributed to the group.  They are always top-notch, and to me shows a caring attitude from the designer;it would be way too easy to send a gift out that was below par, but when you receive something of quality then you know you’re dealing with a professional.  Anyway, on to ‘Leafy’, a sumptuous number that features a beautiful printed leaf design that delicately traces across the dress, over the shoulder and into the back, where the folds of the skirt are entwined with prim leaves. Basically it looks as though you’ve sat down in a hedge, stood up and taken the brambles with you..but in a completely beautiful way:) As you can see from the picture here the leaf detailing carries onto the hem, which makes me think that this dress is perfect for a wedding, either as an outfit for the guest, or even as Bridesmaid wear. There are three colour variants but I’ve opted for a classic grey here and there are matching accessories too. There’s a headband which obviously I’m wearing, and the corsage is also an add-on. Both cost L$125, with the dress retailing at L$325..and herin lies the problem. ..
Now, it’s not for me to dictate the way that a designer retails their products, or decides upon a cost for a particular item.  Make no bones about it this is a quality dress that you would expect to pay a fair few Linden for..BUT I seriously think that you can’t just purchase the dress without the headband and corsage too, and that means that the outfit costs L$575. No biggie, and it’s certainly nice to have options, BUT I feel that the outfit would be better value if sold as a complete package for say, L$500. You could also have the individual pieces on sale too, but I just think that in times like these where every Linden counts that economy is just as important as beautiful design..and for the sake of L$75 I’ll bet it would be more profitable for the designer too.
All that aside, I don’t want to detract from what is surely destined to be one of the most popular releases on the grid this month. It’s a beautiful outfit and more than worth a looksy…as is everything in Miel. Don’t just take my word for it though, take a trip to Miel and see for yourself, but be prepared if you decide to visit the store at The Deck, you’ll need some serious sheqel!
Outfit Details:
  • Dress, hair accessory and corsage by Miel
  • Hair by ETD
  • Skin by Redgrave
  • Eyes by Miriel
  • Pose by LAP
  • Shape by Kittylicious! ‘Selina’

Fukmi makes my Friday feel all ‘Sproingy!’

I’m a tired wee Kitster. I’m busy in real life, and now I’m busy in Second Life developing my shapes ready for launch. It’s an exciting time, but hasn’t left me much room for blogging new releases. Fortunately Fukmi Sideways dropped a couple of boxes of happiness upon me and this gorgeous top and trousers combo was in one of them. Isn’t it lush? It’s called the ‘Sproingy’ set and includes jewellery and shoes ( not shown) and is great quality with nice textures and very easy to adjust prim attachments. I’m all for the easy life me:) Fukmi really does create some great clothing, but what I love most of all is the fact that you can really see her continued development as a designer shining through her latest releases. I always ask myself the question, “Would I wear that in real life?” and the answer here is an unequivocal YES! What’s not to love? This is such a great outfit for summer for starters, plus all the additional elements make it, as always, superb value for money. Fukmi as you’re probably aware has an amazing range of items in her store and features a concept called ‘Dress Me Separates’; items specially created and selected for their mix and matchability. This is a prime example of that . For this look I’ve added a scarf from Callie Cline, (something that I’ve barely taken off since Callie gave it to us during Blogger Appreciation week), tatts from Sn@tch, hair from The Abyss and specs from Insolence ( these are my fave, they’re called ‘Danielle’ and I really love them) and voila! A rather snazzy girl about town look. I genuinely adore this and although I don’t want to keep bleating on about but it’s so immensely satisfying to see a designer who you’ve observed from the beginning go from strength to strength. Well done Fukmi, the ‘Sproingy’ set has indeed made my Friday just that little bit more…well, sproingy!
Check out Fukmi’s great blog by clicking here.
Outfit Details:
  • Top + Trousers from Fukmi Clothing
  • Scarf by Callie Cline
  • Skin by Redgrave
  • Hair by The Abyss
  • Tatts from Sn@tch
  • Glasses by Insolence
  • Eyes by Miriel
  • Pose is from the Female Blogger’s Set by LAP