Kittylicious ‘Natalie’

Kittylicious ‘Natalie’

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It’s *ages* since I made a new shape, so here’s something for Kittylicious shape fans to enjoy!

This is ‘Natalie’, and she’s a very svelte but beautifully proportioned avatar shape. I think she’s actually the slimmest shape that I’ve ever created. I really had to go beyond my comfort zone with her, because I genuinely prefer my shapes to have mucho meato on their bones.

That said, I recognise that there are such thing as skinny girls in real life so it’s only fair that I accommodate their needs as well! Besides, she is a bit gorgeous isn’t she?

The photos should give you a taster of  the silhouette the shape provides; I’ve worked hard on the nose to produce a less curved shape but I’ve kept the luscious pout. Eyes are smaller on this shape than my norm, and the chin and cheekbones are less angular.  Hand size is set to 10, feet are set to 0, and she is completely MOD and COPY so that you can tweak away to your heart’s content with her. Add a few pounds here and there, increase the boobage, it’s entirely up to you! Both Jez and I noticed that this shape bears a facial similarity to ‘Quinn’ (Dianna Agron) from ‘Glee’ so I’m also going to show you a photo where she’s a blonde, so see if you can see the resemblance!

‘Natalie’ will be on sale on the marketplace ONLY, because my store at Nu will be closing shortly. I’d like to thank Amanda and Sable for all the support they’ve given me during my tenure there, but from now on all my shapes will only be available for purchase from the Second Life marketplace.

It will take me a few days to get her on there, but if you can’t wait feel free to ping me for the shape!

She’ll be L$250 on the marketplace, but Kittywitchin’ readers can have her for just L$200-IM me if interested:)

Styling notes:

Hair on both photos by TRUTH

Skin is by LAQ-‘Nellie’

Bodysuit by SN@TCH

I’ve been to a rather great party! MINE

I’ve been to a rather great party! MINE

Last few choons as the sun sets @ Kittylicious launch…Photo shows Jhaxam Nemeth ‘aving it large style to Amanda’s amazing choons!

It really was a fabulous night-thanks to everyone who attended and made it so special! Everyone agreed Amanda played some absolutely storming sounds, in fact she played for an extra hour.

If you were there and enjoyed her repertoire, or just want to listen to the set again, here’s a link to her Soundcloud.  I can recommend ALL of Amanda’s mixes, they really are that good, and I’ve been assured last nights will be added shortly!

Kittylicious! Shapes Sneaky Peeky…

Kittylicious! Shapes Sneaky Peeky…

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my latest Kittylicious! Shapes releases, and even if I say so myself, I think they are the best yet.

I’m really working hard on my faces, trying out different lip styles and face shapes…it’s actually quite a challenge at times to find the perfect combination, but I’m delighted with my efforts so far!
As you would expect, I’m continuing to experiment with larger than average sizes; all the ladies are curvy and occasionally voluptuous but each shape will of course have modify rights enabled, so if you want a little less butt or booby you can tweak away to your hearts content. Over the coming months the entire range at Malt will be revamped. You’ll also find new ranges of discounted shapes at Harlow too. My plan is to have a completely fresh new range well before my store’s first anniversary. So, let me introduce you to…
“Cupid” ( I was up all night thinking of that name, huh?)

In this shot you can just get a glimpse of her style..I was kind of inspired by a young Diana Dors, hence the pout and the curves. She will be available at Malt with TWO other shapes VERY soon, and each one will retail at L$100, OR you can fatpack for a mere L$275. As I’ve said before, the aim is to provide cracking shapes at realistic prices, so you can save your dosh for stunning skins. The little beauty that completes this look is from Rockberry, is called ‘Farrah’ and when compined twith my shape provides an avatar who is simply divine.

I really hope you like Cupid..stay tuned for release dates!

A Kittylicious! Christmas…

A Kittylicious! Christmas…

..which means I’d better crack on with my latest shape releases for the festive season! I’ve got quite a few great ideas for new shapes and they will be as festive and voluptuous as the season. I’m also working on a few treats too, but one thing I want to give you the heads up on is ‘The Grand Kittylicious Xmas Raffle 2009’.  Basically, for a fee, you’ll be able to purchase entry into a raffle which will see five lucky winners receive a ‘Kittylicious Shapes Mega Pack’ containing EVERY SINGLE SHAPE I HAVE EVER MADE THUS FAR. Not only that, there’ll be shapes included that I never released..I’m not logged in at the moment so I can’t do a quick tally, and my brain is pickled BUT I estimate that there will be around 30 shapes in the pack:) The raffle will run through until the end of December…and all ticket-holders will receive a Kittylicious! Shape on Christmas Eve as a special gift from yours truly:) I think this is a really great idea for you shap addicts out there, so tell your chums and keep your eyes glues to this site for further details. Whilst I’m on the subject of all things Kittylicious, I must tell you how pleased I am that my last release, ‘Sparkler’, has been proving so popular.  All my recent photos feature me wearing the shape teamed with  various Curio skins by Gala Phoenix, and even if I say so myself, it really looks the business.  If you’re keen to experience ‘Sparkler’ yourself then you’d better get to it, because she will be retired at the end of November. (If you win the raffle you’ll get all my retired you’d better enter it hadn’t you?)