Skin/Shape Expo 2009..Kitty pops her Rockberry!

Here’s the second of my skin postings from the expo, and again it’s a superb example of the talent and skill that is on display. If you tried to get in today you may have struggled because it would appear that the sim has been jam-packed with lusty shoppers for most of the day, but don’t be disheartened, there is plenty of time left to enjoy it.

All the interest that the Expo has generated just highlights how competitive the Skin Trade (cue Duran Duran) actually is, and with good reason; skins are probably the most important item in your inventory, and with so many excellent designers on the grid these days it means that second rate just isn’t good enough anymore. Creators looking to provide the ultimate skin experience for us virtual consumers are continually raising the bar in their campaign to make the perfect skin. Designers spend hours, days even, in their quest to ensure that their finished products are deemed worthy enough to be worn by the masses..and I’ll be honest in that I don’t envy them one iota..can you imagine the pressure?! Yes skins are costly, but when you see works of art like this example from Rockberry, wouldn’t you agree it’s worth every linden spent?

I was a Rockberry virgin prior to the expo but no longer…My berry has been well and truly popped by this amazing skin-‘Farrah’ in Tan. Like the Curio skin that I blogged yesterday this one has depth and structure that is utterly astonishing to behold. I LOVE the way that light and shade has been skillfully worked into this skin at the exact points on the body that would be highlighted in real life. The torso, clavicle and shoulder blades are well defined and drawn, and the colouring is, as you can see from this picture, sublime. ‘Farrah’ has a lovely face, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, and the shading upon the eyes is very alluring, whilst the lips look dirtily damp and inviting. I love the fact that you can buy this skin with a built-in tattoo, something I’ve never experienced before because I’m always a bit wary of tatts, but I’m bowled over by the body art on this skin. It looks faded like a real-life tattoo, and the edges of the design are ever so slightly blurry, making it look realistically worn-in. I just adore it..

I thought following the Curio skin was going to be hard but actually it hasn’t been at all. This is equally wonderful but in a very different way. I’ve photographed the skin whilst wearing my ‘Selina’ shape, which has lovely long legs to show off the tattoo as it  snakes all the way down to the ankle, and I’m also sporting YET MORE new Truth hair and a frock from League. I’ve not added any jewellery for a few reasons, there’s a lot of detail here in the drapery of the dress, the pattern upon the skin and also the texture of the hair, so anything else would just detract from the overall effect…which is just ruddy marvellous, even if I do say so myself:) Another one to check out at the expo, when you can finally get in of course..hope you like!

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