Skin/Shape Expo 2009 – Beautiful Bella

In my travels across the grid I’ve encountered many a discerning customer, and when discussing virtual appearances with them I can more or less guarantee that where skins are concerned, one particular designer is mentioned more than most….Tuli.
Little wonder when you consider her work, especially the range of Bella skins. As their name would suggest, these skins are indeed objects of beauty and each one, whichever make-up or skin-tone you choose is a veritable treasure. The photograph here shows precisely what I mean, look at the tummy area and you’ll see an arc of colour subtly blending over the abdomen towards delicately suggested hip-bones. Nothing feels rushed about this skin-indeed, the colour and overall soft tones of the range are positively languid. When it comes to skins my own opinion is that soft works better *unless* you are going for an edgy look ( eg Punk, Goth) That said, you’ll notice on this skin the face is especially well defined in comparison to the body. The lips are strong, as are the cheekbones and in this particular make-up the winged eyeliner is especially striking. (Kitty tip- quality skins have the best eyeliner, FACT. Some skins when worn distort the eyeliner and it ends up looking more like a splodge rather than a definite line. A quality skin designer knows and accommodates this, so ensure when buying such a skin that you try the demo on first with the shape or shapes that you know you’ll be wearing frequently with that purchase)
I chose to wear my Kittylicious! Vanity shape with this skin as I liked the way that the long, fluid line of the torso and the curve of the hip struck such a great balance with the skin, and as before the hair I’m wearing is by Truth.
I’ve blogged three skins and shape combinations and I hope by now you can see just how good the expo is. I noted again earlier that I couldn’t rez into the sim again, so I’m taking that as a good sign that it’s really busy and raising buckets of cash for charity…which is something I’m going to blog a lot more about tomorrow. Until then, I leave you to bask in Bella’s glory..

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