Skin/Shape Expo 2009- Perfectly Portia!

One of the most eagerly anticipated, and subsequently blogged, skin releases this year had to be Portia from Adam & Eve.  To be honest at one point the fervour was so great it kinda put me off, so I hadn’t had the opportunity to experience it myself until the expo.  Now I understand why the fuss was so great! Portia is uber-nomworthy as I’m sure this photo demonstrates. The body is rendered perfectly, all the highlights and shading in the right places and little details such as excellent elbow and foot detailing prove Portia’s worth. Her face though is exquisite. The name really conjures up posh-totty in my mind, and as you can see this lady is all that and thensome! Her make up is excellent, and this is proven by the fact that I’m wearing a larger-than average shape in this photo. I’m wearing ‘Cherry Dahling!’ from my Kittylicious! range of shapes, and a lesser skin on such a shape can often prove difficult to wear on a shape such as this. The reason is simple- the blush on some skins isn’t blended enough and directed only upon the cheekbones, so on a larger shape this makes the face shape look awkward and in some cases renders the skin unbearable on a bigger frame. Not so Portia- as you can see the blush is subtle and blends beautifully across Cherry Dahling’s cherubic cheeks. I love the lip colouration on this skin too- I’m all for vamp, red lips and dark eyes and I can get a little obsessive about it to the point of forgetting that sometimes neutral works better. This skin is a case in point..ravishing is the word I’m looking for. Incidentally I found some long forgotten PE hair called Portia when I was searching for the skin in my inventory, and isn’t it a gorgeous style? All that I needed to finish the look were some earrings from Redgrave et voila, Portia Skin, Portia hair..Portia perfection!

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