Where’s Kitty gone?

Don’t fret..I’m still here.  Sometimes you just need to concentrate on RL for a while, and that’s what I’ve done.  I enjoyed the last few days of my break before returning to the office, which is where I am as I pen this post to you.  It’s 0519 and I’m just starting to feel the effects of this rather busy night-shift, but not long to go now until the magic hour of 7am and then home to bed…yum!

Like most residents I’m aquainted with, even when not logged in to SL my  thoughts have pretty much been focused upon various aspects of the metaverse, including all the latest in-world gossip and drama, and also deciding what I’m going to create for the festive season for Kittylicious! Shapes. I’m musing on a number of ideas at the moment, but I know that it will definitely involve FREEBIES, both at Samhain and at Christmas…so watch this space.

This is of course the second week of the Skin and Shape expo, so please, if you haven’t already,come along and pay all us hard-working vendors a visit. I’ve seen some wonderful skins and shapes on display and you will definitely be missing out on one of the virtual events of the year if you don’t get your buns over there! I know that when I’ve recovered from nights on Thursday I’ll be in-world as soon as my PC boots up..I have a hankering for virtual shopping and need to go quench my thirst…as well as find some nicies to share with  you all on here of course!

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