Friday ‘It’s Almost Halloween’ Special…

Well, the skin/Shape Expo is drawing to a close, and it’s been a rip- roaring success for all concerned.

The sim is *still* really busy too, and I suggest if you don’t want to miss out on all the wonderful wares that you get your bum in gear sharpish because it will all soon be just a memory, sob sniff!

To celebrate the last few hours I thought, let’s go out with a bang, and I’ve made some reductions on my wares! For starters, to celebrate the oncoming approach of Halloween, I’ve set my 3-pack of Halloween shapes-Pumpkin, Wiccan and Vamp- for sale at a reduced price until the end of the expo. The box previously retailed at L$175 for all three shapes, but now it can be yours for just L$100, which is a bit of a bargain!  ( Buy the box on the floor with the witch on it to get all three!)

The Expo Exclusives, ‘Eric’ ( for fellas) and ‘The Model’ ( for girlies) have been reduced to FIFTY LINDENS ( Fifty Linden Fridays ftw! OK, It’s not an ‘official’ FLF entry but what the hey, if it saves you money it’s all good right?) AND ANOTHER  TWO shapes have been reduced…but you’ll have to look for them! Here’s a HUGE clue, they’re related to music genres..ahem, not very hard to suss out really but they’ve both been reduced from L$75 to L$ 50 each:) 

These offers are ONLY available at my expo booth, NOT the stores!!

 Here’s your taxi!

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