Halloween Nails put LOVE back in my SOUL

I discovered Love Soul Nails very recently, having not really paid much attention to my virtual talons other than the occasional manicure. Sure, I knew you could buy nails and proper fancy ones at that, but I failed to see the point..I mean, hands in SL can be a bit of a dodgy area, what’s to say that prim nails would look any good?
Well spank my ass and call me Charlie, they DO work, and pretty darn well too! As you can see in this photograph my fingers are embraced by a virtual confectionary of Halloween Happy! These are just too cute for words. The nails themselves have various designs on, including a witches’s hat that would of course be utterly impractical in RL BUT this is SL so ‘it don’t make no matter!’ If you TP into the store then you’ll be taken directly to the Halloween section. The nails are there in front of you, in oranges, purples and blacks with all sorts of embellishments, like the previously mentioned hat as well as wee ghosties, pimpkins and stars. I’m wearing the aptly entitled ‘Halloween 2009’, but you can also choose from a pack called ‘Devil Skull’. ( They’re on the same board) Each pack is priced a very reasonable L$140, BUT even better than that..you can buy last years nails from the board next to them for just L$100 a set, and they’re just as faboosh! There is a demo available, and instructions on how to fit. I found them to be a doddle, and only had a few minor issues (when using modelling poses) that was easily rectified by wearing the base nail cover-ups that are provided. These nails are just so much fun that you cannot help but try them:) Also,  check out the facing wall next to the nails, because there are a whole host of delightful wares to feast your eyes upon. I especially like the flying broom, flat shoes and pumpkin earrings. I’m seeing TONS of flying brooms this year since I first posted my initial review (still viewable within these pages) and I’m pleased to say that they’ve come along leaps and bounds since I first blogged about them..but because there are so many, I fear that the market is a tad-saturated? So it’s nice to see an alternative, and here at LOVE SOUL you can buy a ginormous flying ‘Bat Pumpkin’ to zoom about the grid on instead!! ( That said, the broom on sale here is BRILLIANT!)
Just time to fill you in on the clothes in the shot, and they are from Whippet & Buck. I wanted to feature a classy outfit that wasn’t too ‘in your face’ Halloween; the kind of thing you’d wear to the office I guess, and this fits the bill perfectly. Finally, you’ll also be able to see some ickle pumpkin earrings. These are a cheapie from the DECO jewellery store, and are beautifully crafted, just like the hair..from Truth as per usual…<sigh> Can’t help it. It’s an addiction.
Back to the nails then, and only one problem..how the chuff an I supposed to pick my nose with these babies???

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