More Halloween Dress-Up…

Thought I’d share another Halloweeny look with you, just because:)  This one features yet another of the Fifty Linden Friday goodies that have been available today.

It’s a hairstyle from ‘Lamb’ and it’s lovely and long with a neat plait across the forehead. (I have long hair like this in real life..can’t do the ruddy plait thing although I so wish I could!) Not only is it a great style, but you get TWO versions of it for your dosh…trot over to Lamb and you’ll see what I mean, but I think this hair and the skin I blogged previously have been the best cheapies out of todays bunch, and well worth the pennies spent. (Before I go on let me point out that next week’s event is the day before Halloween, so I have a strong feeling that there will be tons of spookiness up for grabs…let’s hope I’m right eh?)
The skin  is from Rockberry, ‘Farrah, Tattooed Tan’, and it is nothing short of sublime. The tattoos are already imprinted so you don’t have to fanny about with layering of clothes items, so it prevents you from getting all mixed up and removing your tatts or even worse, your bra in a public space. (I’ve done that, I know what I’m talking about here!)
I’m wearing my new favourite eyes from Amis, and as you can just see I’m still wearing the Snatch wristwear from three posts down(I told you I wasn’t taking them off didn’t I?)  The dress is from Plastik’s Halloween collection and it’s shredded down the front and back which makes it a great choice for wearing with tattoos (which is why I chose it, obviously. Plus you can see your bum!) Finally, some more x-Street Neko happy: I’m wearing the Halloween Neko set by Bedlam which contains jeans, paws, shirt, ears, tail and armband. This time the ears and tail are black, but they’re decorated with wee pumpkins and chains, and the complete set is an utter bargain at L$99 plus the ears are re-sizable as well! Woot!  I think I look very fetchingly feline in these photos, don’t you? Mrow!

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