Worshipping at the altar of YOU…

…So when you’ve finished mooching around LARK, you may want to go and explore the creepy graveyard that Sienia has installed upon her new sim and when you do, go and take a look at this rather fab little folly that she’s constructed. This is the latest AGENT ORANGE release, and it’s called ‘Stalker Altar’. It is utterly bonkers, but in a faboosh way! It’s a gravestone-shaped brick construction teeming with blood-red and black candles, and it’s festooned with amazing wee textures; tattered pages torn from notebooks scrawled with messages declaring an unknown love..it genuinely feels like you’re face to face with someone’s mad obsession. The fun part (!) to this is that you can freak a loved one out by replacing the textures at various points on the surface with photos taken by yourself! This is a cracking element of personalization that makes this not only a great Halloween accessory but something that would look perfect in a gothic-themed home or sim…go and see for yourself!
( Note: In no way is this blog-item intended to poke fun at people who have been affected by stalking, which is an abhorrent crime, and I’m sure that’s not Sienia’s intention by creating this work. If anything I think it highlights just how creepy stalking can actually be, and it may surprise some of you to learn that it is something that is prevalent in the virtual world, as well as real life too..)

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