Out of the frame and onto the page..

I’m sure you’re all busily engaged in getting ready for Halloween…I mentioned in my previous post that I’d spill the beans on some corking Halloween outfits, and rest assured you have PLENTY of options for looking fab.  It’s just over a week away now, so time to get shopping! Here’s my first outfit for you to enjoy..
Incidentally, I love this photograph, which I took using a prop at MC. Even though I have my own photo-studio I often use the facilities there because of the variety of poses and backdrops available. It’s always busy but I don’t mind waiting, it’s a fabulous and very generous assett for the Second Life community.
I’m wearing a mixture of freebies, cheapies and paid for items, and I think the resulting outfit is fab. It’s a slightly-neat distressed/casual look (I don’t know what else to call it!) featuring a couple of elements that I found on X-street that I strongly suggest you go and get. They’re budget pieces but great for building up an authentic Halloween look!

is of course one of my own, and it’s my shape of the season, ‘Winter’, which is just L$10!! BARGAIN or what?! ( Beautiful face, I’m sure you’ll agree)
Skin – by Curio – Acorn Frex Light ‘Vixen’ in Gunmetal 1. ( This is a ruddy amazing set of skins. The best that Gala Phoenix has produced yet, imho)
Eyes – Amis Black Neko Eye in Yellow/Gold. ( As you know I’m a fussy mare when it comes to my eyeballs and usually only wear Miriel, BUT I discovered these Amis eyes and immediately fell in love with them, so I bought the whole lot…simply stunning.)
Hair – The hair is one of Truth’s latest releases, ‘Isle‘ in Night. I dunno about you but he’s breaking me with all his creativity at the moment. His releases for the past couple of months have just been breathtaking, and he’s skinting me..stop being so bloody talented man!
Nails – The nails are actually a component of Snatch’s ‘Fish for this-Dead Pretty ‘ outfit, more from that later, but I’m wearing glove nails called ‘Zombie’ from that set.
Ears and Tail -This is the first of two X-Street SL sets that I’ve found at bargain prices that really fit the bill. This one is called ‘NekoPumpkin’ by SLC, and I like having orange ears and tail as they make a nice contrast to dark clothing and hair..the set is L$50 so it’s a gift, and a nice item to have in your inventory. (The other set I’ll cover later)

Legwarmer, Armband, Cuff and Nails are from Snatch’s ‘Fish for this-Dead Pretty’ outfit. It comes with a skirt, dreads and top and would look great if worn with a zombie skin for Halloween..I just chose to keep a few elements of it on while I messed around..as you do…to be fair they look so fab that I’m reluctant to take them off.
Jeans and paws ( Just out of shot) are from !K&L! on X-Street SL, the ‘Angry Kitty’ set which is a blinking bargain at just L$50 and contains practically everything you need to be the best dressed Neko in town ( except shape, skin and eyes) I love the !K&L! bargains and I snap them up greedily each time a new one is released.
Top – this lovely top is part of a gift set from a store called Ova Hauled, which I found out about via Stacia’s wonderful Virtual Neko. I’m gradually getting much more into the Neko scene and finding myself reluctant to remove my ears and tail these days…so I’ve joined the ‘Virtual Neko’ community and learning lots loving it…
( Thanks to everyone on the forums there for their patience and practical help!)

Bear with me as I’ll get this post up and THEN add URL’s where relevant afterwards…anyway, hope you liked this Halloweeny look and feel a tad inspired!

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