October Kittylicious! Shapes News..

Time to tell you what’s been happening at Kittylicious! Shapes. I’ve had fun decorating and both my stores are all pumpkin’d out and looking suitably fierce!

 Some of my old shapes are now retired to my second store at Harlow, where the prices are all reduced..so you have one main store full of up to the minute Kittyliciousness, and a second store featuring some discounted happy! What’s not to love?
Let me tell you about the new shapes. I’ve been working on a few slimmer than my norm Kittyshapes, primarily because I’ve been approached and asked for them. My proviso was that there HAD to be curves: it’s a must for my shapes as I’m sure regular customers will know because I keep banging on about it. Anyway, the new releases feature some of the slimmest kitty-pickings yet…BUT FEAR NOT! I have a gorgeous, curvaceous stunner up my sleeve too, wee!!
First of all if you visited the Skin/Shape expo then you will have seen my Halloween collection, ‘Vamp’, ‘Wiccan’ and ‘Pumpkin’. Each retail at L$75 each, BUT until Halloween you can buy them all in a three pack for a mere L$100..which is smashing value. I must tell you that Vamp has proven to be exceptionally popular with my customers, and I’ve had a lot of feedback telling me how much she’s been admired.

All three will be retired at the end of the month though, for GOOD, so act sharpish if you want to wear them!

Now onto Halloween 2009, and I’ve created two new spooky shapes for your enjoyment.
‘Ghost’ is a slight, ethereal shape featuring the classic Kittylicious face, but she has long limbs to reach out from the darkness and grab you with. To be honest, it’s a lovely shape, and I’m very taken with it, as are some of the followers of my Flickr feed. The pictures for the ad feature me wearing a freebie spooky skin that I got from Plastik following a fab-free tip off, and I suggest you go there and get some while they’re hot.
‘Halloween Neko’ is pictured above, and she’s also slight, but a perfect size and shape for Neko aficionados. I’ve carefully worked the shape so that it balances out when worn with big furry fook-off boomers and tail. Again, this little beauty features the classic Kitty-chops, BUT with a few subtle changes; juicy lips and larger eyes for when you want to spook someone with your Kitty gaze….
Both ‘Ghost’ and ‘Halloween Neko’ will retail for L$100 each, because they’re a bit spesh and like my other Halloween shapes will be discontinued after Halloween……
Next up we have two additions to my specials wall at the back of the store ( in Malt)
‘Sparkler’ is a L$75 shape themed for November 5th, aka Bonfire Night in the UK. Again, this is a slighter (than my usual) shape for those who prefer a less weighty avatar. She’s blessed with a lovely face and will definitely make your bonfire party go with a crash-boom-bang!
Now on to my fave, ‘Winter’, which is my shape of the season, following on from Summer and Autumn, obviously. Ah Winter… The trees are forlorn and without their foliage, the landscape is bleak and the nights are long and cold…who better then to snuggle up with but this utterly gorgeous shape? She reflects wintry themes in her long willowy limbs (she has SUPER long legs for those peeps in-world who love them, but they can be easily resized should you so wish) plus a slender torso and swan-neck leading up to a new and super-pretty Kittyface. I’ve been tweaking and I’m really happy with the result; her demure pout and doe eyes make for a very beautiful avatar indeed. Even better than that, she costs just L$10!!! (All my ‘Shapes Of The Season’ cost L$10..Summer and Autumn are still available!) Last but not least is a long overdue addition to the ‘Signature’ shapes range..So named because it’s the kind of avatar shape that makes you exclaim, “Ooh, she’s lovely!”
‘De-Lovely’ is a larger than average avatar shape, with an almost muscular feel. She’s well proportioned with a small waist leading into large hips that feature an exaggerated curve. She’s also blessed with long legs, making her the kind of avatar that’s perfect for making a statement and being noticed. Oh, and did I mention that she has an absolutely exquisite face? ‘De-Lovely‘, like all my Signature range, retails for L$100 from my store in Malt, the entire ‘Signature’ selection can be found on the left side of the store.

Kittylicious! (Malt) now has a MIDNIGHT MANIA board, weeeeee!!!!

EVEN BETTER THAN THAT…’Halloween Neko’ is the first shape in it!! SO TELL EVERYONE to get their bums down to the store and slap the board !
The Midnight Mania Board needs just 60 hits to give the prize………and I’ll leave ‘Halloween Neko’ in there until Saturday 31st October ( Halloween obviously) after which I’ll put something equally scrumptious in there for you to win….( HINT: Whizz! Bang! Crackle! Ouch!)

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