Tantalised by Tatum..

So, Fri.day has some new hair out, in case you hadn’t noticed..if like me you hadn’t, despite the blogging frenzy, allow me to illuminate you. I’ve never been to Fri.day before ( I know, my name is Kitty and I am a sinner) but I was so very taken with the Lamb hair that was part of ‘Fifty Linden Fridays’, because it featured that very popular plait fringe, that I thought I’d pop over to Fri-day and check out the newly-released and very similar style called ‘Kate’ ( Hair designers, please stop calling your hair Kate or Katey or Katie..I have this name so many times in my inv! Can’t you give your styles monikers like Elsie, Doris or Hettie? Go on..dare you!)
Literally two minutes later I was walking out of the store, having bought ‘Kate’ and another style called ‘Tatum‘. Bloody hell, dangerous store or what? My initial cynicism was evaporated by the complete nomminess of the place… It’s a stylish, bright and well laid out emporium of good taste and I’ll need plenty of time to go back and explore some more.  But let me tell you about the hair! First of all ‘Kate’ is a shorter, fuller style in comparison to the Lamb one, but as I previously mentioned it has that utterly faboosh plait across the forehead. The style frames the face beautifully at the front, with a few teased-out wispy tendrils that add depth and realism. I bought it within about ten seconds of my entering the store..I couldn’t get the demo off quick enough! But then I spied ‘Tatum‘, an up-do with a full fringe and an amazing top knot, again with loose hair spilling out in just the right amount to create an authentic look….so I got that as well. Oopsy. I’m already in love with the attention to detail on display here, and I especially rate the fact that care is paid to ensuring the hair that sits to the side of the face looks correct. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this before but I’ve had styles that from the front look perfect, but in profile don’t look like they’ve been finished properly, and have been a bugger to wear as a consequence. This is why I am so choosy about where I purchase my hair.. and after this introduction, Fri.Day is definitely going on my Kittylist.
Make no bones about it, both styles are the hotness, but there are a couple of other new releases to tempt you into spilling your Lindens over…I’ll let you go and see those for yourself. A final note on the hair; each style can be purchased in a colour-pack featuring four shades at L$250 per pack. Great value, and great fun too, because the shades have witty names like ‘Emo-Black’ and ‘Passionate Red’ which is very different to the norm.
If you’re admiring my pussy in this snap ( EASY!) you’ll probably be delighted to know that he is a freebie from Curious Kitties for the update group. It’s astonishing what some designers will part with for zero lindens…he’s limited edition apparently so pop to the store and get yourself one before they are no more. Finally, the top is a freebie from WWI (World Wide Industries) update group..very unusual and every so slightly risqué (because you can see a bit of bewb) It’s not really my cup of tea BUT I like the bat motif and the idea of a shirt that’s utterly shagged, and is ideal for erm..shagging in?Ahem!
Right, off to investigate more places…Halloween is kicking off big-style now, practically a week early, and I am drowning under a sea of note cards telling me about freebies, new releases, cheapies and hunts…..and I *LOVE* IT!

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