I want my Mummy!!

Just a quicky to wish you all a fabulous Halloween.
I hope I’ll see some of you in world, I’m off out hoping to find a party or two..If you’re a reader of this blog please come over and say “Hi”, I’ve reached 63k hits tonight which has made me a very happy Kitty indeed!
As most of you will be aware, in RL I’m Wiccan, and tonight is our New Year celebration, SAMHAIN.
In RL I don’t have anyone to celebrate with anymore,  but in SL I’m blessed with lots of friends and it’s to those special people I shall turn tonight…I raise a glass to all those who’ve passed and welcome the change of season in typically festive fashion.
In other words, I’m going to get plastered and have a wonderful time in-world:) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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