No tricks, just plenty of treats!

Well, I have faffed about all week in my usual indecisive manner but I’m finally settled upon a Halloween outfit, and I think that it’s perfect!
Meet ‘Trick or Treat Kitty’!I found this upon our good friend X Street SL, it’s an outfit by Babbette Adair featuring candy stuck in your gussett, as you do, and it costs L$250. I’ve teamed it with my fave Halloween Neko boots, ears and tail that I’ve sourced from various places, BUT I think what really makes the whole outfit rock is the rather wonderful pumpkin that I’m carrying in my hand, it’s festooned with candy and is an interactive freebie from Schadenfreude’s Elephant location.

You can also pick up a gorgeous Halloween bracelet for zilch there…I’ve finished the look off with hair from Magika, eyes by Amis and skin in 24k ( v2) by Curio. The shape is of course one of my own, ‘Rocker’.  Right, I’m off to find a party….Whatever you get up to tonight, make sure you have a fabulous Halloween!!

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