Is it because I is bat?

Is it because I is bat?

Don’t panic if you’ve still not got your costume sorted, there are plenty of items across the grid and on Xstreetsl…but hurry up!!
I found this cute Bat outfit earlier – all clothing items (except boots) for L$199 by a company called..wait for it..’Spell cats’.  With a name like that I’m so going to have to check them out in-world aren’t I?
The boots are also an X Street find from Dino Hallard. they’re very nice chunky lace up boots and for L$150 you can’t really say no…
If you’ve got time, make yourself a cuppa and go to the market place on Xstreet and peruse the popular items because there are some great Witchy costumes lurking in there today, as well as some fab skeleton avatars!

It’s going to be a corking Halloween!

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