Sable & Amanda’s Wedding

A match made in heaven. I had the honour of giving Amanda away at her marriage to Sable, and as you can see from the picture they both looked absolutely amazing. It was a genuinely lovely affair; beautiful vows and pure emotions were on display for all to see.
A lot of people dismiss SL relationships as pure twaddle, and I’m sure for some people they are nothing more than a passing fancy..but for a minority the love blossoms into something that is all too real, even if it is just limited to the metaverse. I also know of relationships and real-life weddings that have stemmed from SL romances, and although not all relationships follow that blueprint, I actually think that it’s something very positive and wonderful..Yes, naysayers will dismiss it, but it’s all about love…and after all, isn’t that all something we need more of in our own lives, in one way or another?
I raise a glass to Amanda and Sable, and wish them a very long and happy Second Life together…with lots of love xxx

One thought on “Sable & Amanda’s Wedding

  1. I know i speak for Sable too when i say “Thank you” for being there on Sunday and also on a personal note, just for being an amazing and totally bonkers friend! Love ya hun xXx


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