Remember, Remember…’s the fifth of November, which means bonfires and fireworks and roast chestnuts and all kinds of associated madness. The fact that the UK still celebrates Bonfire Night is pretty amazing really, but I personally feel that has more to do with the enthusiasm of firework retailers than it has the British public’s need to see burning effigies of a chap who attempted to blow up the houses of Parliament and failed. Truth be told, a lot of people in the UK would probably welcome Guy Fawkes with open arms at the moment, judging by the reaction to the MP’s expenses scandal..but hey, that’s real life and there’s no place for that upon this blog.I wanted a look suitable for a Bonfire party and unable to resist I got myself one of those glorious ponchos from LeLutka that are so prevalent across the grid right now, but that’s probably because they are an exceptional quality product:) I’ve teamed it with hair by Magika that comes with a colour change hat..that I colour changed to match the outfit, obviously:) The leggings are from Elephant Outfitters, and the wellies are by UBU. Bonfire Night is always a drizzly occasion; it practically always rains, so you have to have sturdy pair of wellies, and UBU’s really take some beating. Finally the shape that I’m wearing is called ‘Sparkler’ and it’s a special edition available in my store at Malt.
Ok, stand well back…..

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