Glitterati Modelling Chair..

Glitterati Modelling Chair..

Never let it be said that there aren’t any ‘nice’ designers in Second Life..there are actually tons of them out there. I know a lot of residents are of the opinion that the majority of designers are all divas, but in my experience that could not be farther from the truth. In all my years of SL-ing, I’ve encountered ONE such designer, and despite the attitude they displayed I still think their work is amazeballs….
One designer who ranks among the NICEST avatars upon the grid is Katey Coppola. Katey is the kind of person who, when you meet her, is just so darn lovely that you want to squeeze her really hard; she is literally that yummy.  She’s blessed with practically no ego and a great sense of humour something that  a lot of people, never mind designers, could do well to take the lead from Katey’s example. She’s also AMAZINGLY talented, as anyone who has ever visited Glitterati will tell you. She creates some of the best poses on the grid, and is just about to relocate to a new store which means she is having a mega-sale on pose packs at the moment, so you’ve got just under a week if you’re interested…ANYWAY..what I want to tell you about is THIS CHAIR. Katey has worked her buns off to make it, and perfectionist that she is, she’s scrapped a lot of poses only to start from scratch and replace them with new ones-she sure is a grafter. This isn’t on sale yet, so consider it a sneaky peaky BUT you *will* want one:) The chair is a wonderfully squashy, contemporary take on an art-deco design (although the chair in this photo is the prototype, so may well change texture etc before release date) and there are 8 poses embedded within it. It’s menu-driven and uber-simple to use and provides excellent results.

I was lucky enough to test this chair out with Amanda and a few of Katey’s chums. She wanted critical feedback about the poses which I was only happy to give, and in all seriousness folks, I couldn’t fault it. The transition between each pose is lovely and smooth, and the poses themselves are great quality. Obviously in this picture I’m clothed, but you could use the poses for lingerie/burlesque shots or even steamy nekkid shots if you so wish, and you’d be more than happy with the results:) There are some more photos of me using the chair in my Flickr bar, and I will be featuring it in shoots over forthcoming posts. I don’t know how much it will retail for and when exactly it will go on sale, but quality like this is definitely worth the wait and it makes me wonder, if Katey has been working on projects like this for her re-launch, what other surprises does she have in store?? Ooh the excitement! I can’t wait!!

One thought on “Glitterati Modelling Chair..

  1. What a lovely and classy chair! It’s always great to see something different. And yes, more skin would be — let’s say “artier” if that’s a world. Glad you had fun. Thanks for sharing.


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