Christmas Dining @ ‘The Loft’

It often feels like ‘the Loft’ is beyond compare when it comes to room layouts. They always feel authentic, and are beautifully presented. This is a prime example; a Christmas dining layout that is absolutely gorgeous and wonderfully detailed. I LOVE the festive chairs, each are adorned with ribbons and bells and I want to sit on them in real life! This table has a stylish runner in the centre, and gorgeous christmas candles sit upon the table.In the background is a tastefully decorated fireplace, resplendent with stockings and a snazzy ‘Noel’ centerpiece. I love it, it’s made me feel really festive and I long for this set-up for my real life Christmas lunch! There’s only a few minor problems though; basically this set is prim heavy and costs a chuffing bomb. Bugger.

Let’s all meet up for Chrimbo lunch at ‘The Loft’ then shall we?
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