Kitty’s Secret Hidey Place

Just down the way from ‘The Loft’ is ‘RC Cluster’. It is, probably, one of the maddest YET strangely useful stores on the grid. For example, a fort made from chairs and blankets? Brilliant..after all, we all made those when we were kids.  They also sell all sorts of weird and wonderful items, such as stilts (!) hairy tongues and more useful stuff such as ironing boards and food(including a fantastic roast turkey lunch which would go perfectly with the Christmas dining set I featured previously from ‘The Loft’) as well as more thought provoking items like wheelchairs and hearing aids. If you have a spare few minutes I implore you to go and take a peek, it’s a really enjoyable shopping experience even if you don’t buy anything, with lots to try and amusing adverts on the walls for you to chuckle at:) This is the kind of imaginative store that you can only find in a virtual world, and it’s a riot!
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