Hanging up my stockings…

Hanging up my stockings…

..my Christmas stockings that is! Yes folks, Agent Orange has done it again:)

This time Sienia has created some fantastically festive stockings, containing either coal, a candy cane or endorsed with a holly motif. Of course the really snazzy bit is that they’re texture change, so you can change the lettering on each to spell out a name or even a phrase. Of course, me being imaginative I decided to spell out..erm, Kitty..but don’t they look fab?I don’t think they’re nylon either, which is a good job, because hanging nylons this close to the fire is just asking for trouble really. You can find these superb stockings at Agent Orange, and while you’re at the sim go and check out the fabulous fashions at Lark, because a little bird has told me that all the fashions in the ‘Cardinal Red’ colourway are at a discounted price for the holidays..so that means you can pick up a bargain frock or a splendid new shrug or shirt for a measley L$100.

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