Slip into something comfortable from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

Oh the joy that a new operating system can bring. I would tell you the saga of how Windows 10 almost broke me (because it decided that it didn’t like my Nvidea graphics card) but that would be boring. But that’s the reality that I’ve been living the past few days. There’s been some serious swears Chez RL Kitty that’s for sure, and it’s put my blogging back a few days.It’s a shame because I’m actually finding Windows 10 to be incredibly tasty; and it’s actually performing some kind of Witchcraft which is making my Second Life experience much better than normal, BUT I’m still experiencing hitches galore.

Beloved has done some sort of jiggery pokery but until the problem is properly addressed by a patch from Microsoft I fear my activities are going to be somewhat hampered; already my machine has failed twice in the past two hours.  (The glitch itself is incredibly annoying too; my monitor basically shuts down and refuses to allow me to switch it back on.  My speakers working just fine show that behind the blackness my PC is running just fine though, and sadly the only way to restore service is to perform a reboot.  I shudder to think what this is doing to my hard disk.)Kitty Bedroom_004Anyway, enough of my kitty-complaining, I still have niceness to share with you from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR.  In fact, the item I’m sharing is perfect for returning home after an epic shopping trip. What could be nicer than coming home and kicking off your shoes, then running a luxurious bath before slipping into something comfortable to wear while you binge-watch Netflix or read your favourite book in bed? Sure sounds tempting doesn’t it? Snapshot_002Well,  here’s a simple yet really lovely camisole/dress from DOLLLE to wear once you’ve completed your ablutions. I have blogged DOLLLE before and I do like the label very much; they seem to offer a very nice line in relaxed mesh attire that’s easy to wear and style. The mesh is really well engineered and offers a good fit and the texture choices are sound too.Snapshot_005I’m also wearing the latest skin from ZOUL CREATIONS in this snap; this is the simply scrumptious ‘Iza’ which has been released at the incredibly popular ‘WE LOVE ROLEPLAY’ event.  ‘Iza’ is available in 4 tone packs for 420L each, which include 2 tones each and 5 brow options.  Demos are of course available to try.  As always Shantia Soulstar has created a plethora of applier options for you to choose from; with body appliers available for EVE, Lolas, L. Inc, Maitreya, Omega, SLink, and WowMeh, 0L each. Iza Eyeshadows includes 10 colours, 70L. Iza Lipsticks includes 10 colours, 70L.  (I’ve cheated a bit and because there aren’t any appliers for PXL Sweet Lips with this skin, I’ve just used my PXL Sweet Lips appliers from Shantia’s ‘Della’ release and they work a treat!)
Anyone care to come and wash my back? Bueller? Anyone?

Kitty Credits:
Base Look: 
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS (Iza sk1 – Dk Brows –Chb  worn withSk1 & Sk2 Blush along with  Iza Eyeshadow – Blue 03 and Della Sweet Lips Naked 03 ) WE LOVE ROLEPLAY
Lashes: HUSH – Lashes – ‘Flirt’
Lips: PXL SweetLips v1.4
Ears: AITUI – Ear: Naked
Mesh Body: MAITREYA ‘Lara’ V3.4 (inc. hands and feet)
Eyes: BUZZ ‘Cora Kitty Eyes’ – Chocolate {Medium}
Hair: LITTLE BONES ‘Thoughts’ – Landslide colour-pack

Kitty wears:
DOLLLE Silk Cami Night Dress, mesh body compatible, 5 colour options available, 250L each/fatpack 880L THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

BOUNCE THIS ‘Destiny’ & ‘Candy’

Sleepy Islanders..

Y’know, sometimes what I love best about Second Life is the way that mad eccentricities, crazy ideas and concepts that just couldn’t possibly exist in the real world can be actualised at the drop of a hat.
For example, floating islands. You know, like the ones in ‘Avatar’? well they’re ten a penny in Second Life, and range from teeny tiny to huge all-sim encompassing floating masses of tundra. They’re ACE.
Sienia Trevellion, of Agent Orange, has contributed to the latest round of ‘Spruce Up Your Space’ with a floating island that’s accessible to practically all of (virtual) us, and it doesn’t require too many prims or too large a parcel to set up.
She’s called it ‘Sleepy Island’, because it’s an island for sleeping upon, natch. It’s also rather beautiful with whimsical decoration including a selection of interactive hanging lanterns to illuminate this secret snuggle spot and a huge cloud-like tree to shelter you, under which you’ll find a blanket with pillows for you and a loved one to cuddle up on and enjoy the view. My advice? Explore some of the lighting settings, rez this high in the sky so you can’t be disturbed, and spend your Saturday night high above the clouds with someone that you love.
In this case, it was me and a bunny:)

Check out all the worthy ‘Spruce Up Your Space’ lovelies by clicking HERE and get your Lindens ready because they’re all rather superb:)

Sleepy Island part of ‘Spruce Up Your Space’ and created by Sienia Trevellion

Control glow and light on tree and lanterns

39 prims

Fits a 10×10 space

2 sleeping poses

copy/mod/no trans


Cheese and Wine and Feeling Fine!

‘Spruce Up Your Space’ this weekend is TO DIE FOR; featuring fabulosa dining furnishings and edibles of all kinds. Belle Belle, Alchemy’s  Attic and Second Spaces amongst others  have provided some superb Dining themed items, but my award for classy entertaining goes to Agent Orange for the ‘Barbera Cheese and Wine Party’ ensemble, seen here.Beautiful textures, shading and shaping which is what you’re expect from Agent Orange really..

Touch for a glass of wine, which is wearable and looks VERY natural, as  do the stool seating positions’s uber classy dining indeed. In fact NOT ONE of this weeks ‘Spruce up your space’ offerings is a duffer! Click here to see them all on Flickr. Warning, you’ll spend LOTS and feel very hungry too!

Crisis averted, bear received and everything ok..


..check out this AMAZING bear from Agent Orange, with texture change hearts to change to the initials of you and your beloved.

(The box has been put in a safe place, just in case….)