NSFW: A visit to THE SEX SPA (Pt.1)

NSFW: A visit to THE SEX SPA (Pt.1)

sex spa_003“I eat my dinner in my bathtub
Then I go to sex clubs
Watching freaky people gettin’ it on…” Tove Lo ‘Habits’

Sex in SL has NEVER been something that has appealed to me at all. I know that for some avatars it’s an incredibly important part of their Second Lives, especially when they’re in relationships with partners that they don’t live with; but it’s something I’ve never felt the need to investigate. Besides, I’ve always thought of it based on my original experiences of rezzing into Adult areas, back in the heady, early days of  Second Life.  It was never a pretty sight, and I could never fully understand how someone could get in the mood when there were distracting pose balls dotted all over the place, let alone animations that were jerking in all the wrong ways and making the avatars meld into one globule-like, writhing mess, with elbows jutting through foreheads and prim-phalluses popping out of the back of the avatar heads.  It never struck me as especially erotic, so I left well alone.
I would never have bothered to explore that side of SL again either, had it not been for my curiosity  being piqued quite by chance.  As most shopping savvy avatars are well aware, WHORE COUTURE FAIR 5 has just launched and it’s an absolute must-visit event with over 100 stores promising to fulfill your every whim and desire.  There are some seriously sexy items on show, from lingerie skins and hairstyles to poses and, erm, ‘equipment’. It really  cannot be missed, but missing it I was because I couldn’t find a ruddy LM anywhere! Luckily for me, I knew the event was the brain-child of the esteemed Missqwerty Pevensey, so I looked up her in-world profile, to see if I could source a landmark.  (Now, before we go any further let me confess I do read (and judge) people on their profiles. I love a good profile read, and picks do work because I go to so many of them. (I’ve found hundreds of new to me stores and locations through profile picks so the message here is do not neglect your profile folks, you never know who could be reading!)) ANYWAY, it was while I checked out  Missqwerty’s profile that I happened across her picks, and it was there that I learned of THE SEX SPA.Now, I hold MissQ in pretty high esteem in-world (although she doesn’t know me from Adam, I’m a long time fan of her brand AMERICAN BAZAAR and a fan of the events that she curates) so upon a complete whim I clicked on the link, and I was transported to another place entirely..chilling_011Looks cracking doesn’t it? I have no idea what I expected to find when I clicked on that profile pick but the SEX SPA definitely wasn’t it, because this is a truly stunning place; a gorgeous and well put together place for intimate relations without an iota of sleaze about it.  We’re talking high-class kink, with beautifully chosen and arranged furnishings throughout. Every element of decoration has been thoughtfully placed to evoke the feeling of an actual spa. Don’t get me wrong, the number one priority here is to get laid, but to do so in absolutely lovely surroundings, the kind that I had no idea existed in Second Life. More fool me. chilling_010It truly is a spa as well with massage tables, a gym and sauna, as well as treatment rooms that you can enjoy singularly or as a couple.  I had a blissful time soaking my tootsies. I was a tad apprehensive if I’m honest, having never been to  one of these places it was making me wonder if an avatar would rez in and lunge at me or something worse.  Fortunately,  that didn’t happen which meant that I could  really enjoy my surroundings: I was definitely enjoying the soothing and relaxing but could it really offer more? chilling_003I continued to explore and discovered a tub for two..chilling_013There is a fantastic pool and jacuzzi to be enjoyed outside too, with lovely sofas to relax upon under the virtual sky, or not as the case may be. I spied a couple who certainly weren’t gazing at the stars, so I retreated to a hot-tub to sit and ponder what I’d stumbled across. Despite the activities that were taking place a few feet away, I didn’t feel threatened or even embarrassed. I didn’t feel especially aroused either, despite my enjoyment of the location.  I was merely a visitor taking my time to enjoy the space around me. But I would be a liar if I said I didn’t suddenly feel curious…chilling_008This place had certainly got me thinking; is Sex in a virtual world just as bad as I thought it was, or is it actually an experience to be enjoyed, encouraged even? Just how much of an experience can it really be, indeed is there any point to it at all? It’s not an easy question to answer, but already my perceptions were being changed by what I was experiencing at this place. The fact was, I had to be open to the experience to really see what it was like before passing judgement so I decided to be objective and return with my trusty partner Jez to see what the SEX SPA was really all about…

Tune in for part 2 if you want to know more, here’s a NSFW sneaky peek! 

KITTY WEARS (Main picture)

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.5

HEAD: Catwa ‘Gwen’ (worn with Bold & Beauty ‘Lindsey’ applier ‘Light Fair’; also wearing Maitreya body applier and eyeshadow and lipstick from the range)

EYES: IKON  ‘Triumph’ eyes– Dusk

LASHES: Deesses ‘Luxe Eyelashes-Catwa’ WHORE COUTURE FAIR

HAIRSTYLE: +Elua+ ‘Jaycee’ (Ombre Basic)

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ V. 3

HAIRSTYLE: Little Bones ‘Lemonade’ (L – Dip dyes & fades)

ROBE:{dolle}Short Robe Sleepwear – Black WHORE COUTURE FAIR


POSE Muka Pose #4 WHORE COUTURE FAIR L$5 ‘gift’

(Other pictures: HAIRSTYLE: +Elua+ ‘Jaycee’ (Ombre Basic))

Slip into something comfortable from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

Slip into something comfortable from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

Oh the joy that a new operating system can bring. I would tell you the saga of how Windows 10 almost broke me (because it decided that it didn’t like my Nvidea graphics card) but that would be boring. But that’s the reality that I’ve been living the past few days. There’s been some serious swears Chez RL Kitty that’s for sure, and it’s put my blogging back a few days.It’s a shame because I’m actually finding Windows 10 to be incredibly tasty; and it’s actually performing some kind of Witchcraft which is making my Second Life experience much better than normal, BUT I’m still experiencing hitches galore.

Beloved has done some sort of jiggery pokery but until the problem is properly addressed by a patch from Microsoft I fear my activities are going to be somewhat hampered; already my machine has failed twice in the past two hours.  (The glitch itself is incredibly annoying too; my monitor basically shuts down and refuses to allow me to switch it back on.  My speakers working just fine show that behind the blackness my PC is running just fine though, and sadly the only way to restore service is to perform a reboot.  I shudder to think what this is doing to my hard disk.)Kitty Bedroom_004Anyway, enough of my kitty-complaining, I still have niceness to share with you from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR.  In fact, the item I’m sharing is perfect for returning home after an epic shopping trip. What could be nicer than coming home and kicking off your shoes, then running a luxurious bath before slipping into something comfortable to wear while you binge-watch Netflix or read your favourite book in bed? Sure sounds tempting doesn’t it? Snapshot_002Well,  here’s a simple yet really lovely camisole/dress from DOLLLE to wear once you’ve completed your ablutions. I have blogged DOLLLE before and I do like the label very much; they seem to offer a very nice line in relaxed mesh attire that’s easy to wear and style. The mesh is really well engineered and offers a good fit and the texture choices are sound too.Snapshot_005I’m also wearing the latest skin from ZOUL CREATIONS in this snap; this is the simply scrumptious ‘Iza’ which has been released at the incredibly popular ‘WE LOVE ROLEPLAY’ event.  ‘Iza’ is available in 4 tone packs for 420L each, which include 2 tones each and 5 brow options.  Demos are of course available to try.  As always Shantia Soulstar has created a plethora of applier options for you to choose from; with body appliers available for EVE, Lolas, L. Inc, Maitreya, Omega, SLink, and WowMeh, 0L each. Iza Eyeshadows includes 10 colours, 70L. Iza Lipsticks includes 10 colours, 70L.  (I’ve cheated a bit and because there aren’t any appliers for PXL Sweet Lips with this skin, I’ve just used my PXL Sweet Lips appliers from Shantia’s ‘Della’ release and they work a treat!)
Anyone care to come and wash my back? Bueller? Anyone?

Kitty Credits:
Base Look: 
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS (Iza sk1 – Dk Brows –Chb  worn withSk1 & Sk2 Blush along with  Iza Eyeshadow – Blue 03 and Della Sweet Lips Naked 03 ) WE LOVE ROLEPLAY
Lashes: HUSH – Lashes – ‘Flirt’
Lips: PXL SweetLips v1.4
Ears: AITUI – Ear: Naked
Mesh Body: MAITREYA ‘Lara’ V3.4 (inc. hands and feet)
Eyes: BUZZ ‘Cora Kitty Eyes’ – Chocolate {Medium}
Hair: LITTLE BONES ‘Thoughts’ – Landslide colour-pack

Kitty wears:
DOLLLE Silk Cami Night Dress, mesh body compatible, 5 colour options available, 250L each/fatpack 880L THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

BOUNCE THIS ‘Destiny’ & ‘Candy’

Gone ‘Til Sad November

Gone ‘Til Sad November

Kitty The Dolle

Remember that post I wrote, ooh a couple of months ago now, moaning about the fact that there are way too many events and I can’t keep up? Well, that kind of still stands, but I have to say that making the effort to try and hit all the new events this month will undoubtedly reap rewards. In fact, it’s starting to already. There’s a new event on the block called SAD NOVEMBER. November is an odd time; cold, gloomy and kind of a non-event as months go. Everyone is geared up for December after all, and the onset of long, cold days and even darker nights seems to conjure up the worst kind of bleakness and moods in people. But I think SAD NOVEMBER can go some way to addressing all that. Despite the name it’s not even a little bit sad, in fact, it’s pretty darn happy. Or at least I was, sploshing around in puddles and flitting from store to store on this beautifully decorated sim bursting with almost 100 designers covering every possible want or desire. If you’re looking for the ultimate winter coat you’ll find plenty to choose from here, and my jumper fetish* was more than satisfied as I wandered around marvelling at the goodies on offer.

On reflection, perhaps I should refine my point about events; I don’t have time to bother with half-hearted attempts, just the quality ones. SAD NOVEMBER  really fits into the quality category; like THE SEASONS STORY it’s as much of a treat for the eyes as it is a shock to the Linden wallet! The location is really beautiful with falling rain, leaf-filled puddles and industrial buildings juxtaposed with meandering paths and natural landscapes. It’s a great place to take photographs, and I really enjoyed taking my time and allowing myself to really absorb the atmosphere here.
But back to the goodies. You’ll find hairstyles, tattoos, jewellery, footwear as well as leggings, jeans, jumpers, jackets and coats. It is all here and so much effort has gone into the creations available for you to buy. It’s really good to see so much quality, original mesh in one place too. SAD NOVEMBER my backside; I was walking around grinning like the kitty that had got all the cream, and the cow as well! <Chuckle>
So I know you’re wondering what I bought? LOTS of demos. There’s a lot to see here, and out of respect to other avatars I wore as few scripts as I possibly could and nabbed loads of demos to try on at home. This means my already sagging inventory is now bursting with demos, but I’ll be able to try on at leisure and go back to purchase more stuff. (It’s such a lovely location it’s not exactly a hardship to return!)
BUT I did treat myself to something while I was there without trying on a demo first. Aren’t I brave? Well, not really, you see the fact that this item was made by DOLLE meant I could confidently purchase it without any worries. DOLLE make great mesh clothing and I have a number of pieces in my collection that I really enjoy wearing, and this lovely Cardigan is now lovingly folded up in my inventory amongst my most treasured woollens. This is one that I’ll hand-wash with care for sure!
It’s the kind of item that will go with EVERYTHING too.  I’m talking, jeans, skirts, leggings, heels and boots. For a sexy, funky look pull on a pair of long boots and wear alone (don’t forget your undies!), or alternatively try adding a chunky scarf and some low loafers and cord trousers.  An outfit perfect for wandering around and kicking leaves and supping Pumpkin Spiced Lattes galore! (True fact: I’ve NEVER had one of those!)

I know I say this a lot but I really do need this in real life. It’s utterly lovely, and the off-shoulder shape means it has a sexy edge, that is if you consider a cardigan can ever be sexy! Hey, at least it shows off my tats really well! ( I SAID TATS!!)
My only complaint is that there just aren’t enough colours available; I would really love this in some more primary shades, but make no mistake it’s a cracking find. I’ll be featuring some more items from SAD NOVEMBER throughout the month I’m sure, but as events go this really is one that you must not miss.

Here’s your taxi! 

*There’s no doubt in my head that if I was a cat I would be one of those kinds of moggies that likes to chew wool and drool on jumpers.
** I was walking around singing ‘November Rain’ by Guns ‘N’ Roses which then got me onto ‘Gone ’til November’ by Wyclef Jean. In fact, here’s a really great Spotify playlist all about November!


Hair: WASABI PILLS ‘Karin’ Mesh Hair **FAMESHED**

Lashes: MC Falsies Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD

Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Heart Plugs

Skin: NAR MATTARU – ‘Zoe’ Tone 03 (worn with

Eyes: IKON – ‘Denim’ (Group gift)

Jumper/Cardigan: DOLLE- ‘Open Shoulder Sweater dress’  **SAD NOVEMBER**

Tattoo: JOLI ‘Purr Evil’

Glasses: MAXI GOSSAMER  ‘Milano Cat’s Eye-40’s Classic’

Necklace: MAXI GOSSAMER ‘Jewelled Skull & Heart’ (Group Gift)

Septum Ring: MONS ‘Mesh Septum Ring #1’

Pose: GLITTERATI ‘Sexy’ range