NSFW: A Dutchie Kitchen Sink Drama

NSFW: A Dutchie Kitchen Sink Drama

Dear readers, you ALL know by now  that I’m a Second Life shopping addicted texture whore (that’s a mouthful, as the lady said to the gardener!) but you should also know how much I adore my fancy furniture too. What’s the common denominator here? Where’s the link between a beautifully textured dress and an elegantly composed armoire?  Well the link is simply the one thing that brings these items to life in a virtual world: IMAGINATION.You need the imagination of the creator to breathe life into an object and add the magic that will take it from a mere prim to something sensational in the same way that you also need the imagination of the avatar using or wearing that item too, to take it from being a few mere pixels on a screen to becoming  something real and true.   Honestly, you can’t beat a beautifully crafted piece of virtual furniture, for firing up the grey matter, especially if it’s been equipped with animations that bring that piece to life, and if you require proof of that statement you only have to check out the latest release from DUTCHIE, the “Dutchie Mesh Interactive Corner Kitchen”.  for affirmation. Kitchen Sink Drama Part 1For a start it’s beautifully built, but then again you’d expect nothing less from Froukje Hoorenbeek would you?  This is after all the lady that brought us the absolute masterpiece that is the Villa Utrecht, which never ceases to amaze and inspire,  and even though months have passed since it was originally  released it’s still one of the best homes that you can find in Second Life.  It stands to reason that such an esteemed creator would apply her exceptional skills in the same way to her latest creation, and you’ll be delighted to know “Dutchie Mesh Interactive Corner Kitchen”. is of the same quality and has stacks of elements that add an authentic, realistic touch.The kitchen itself is simple and elegant with colour change options.  You can select from six beautiful colour choices  to match the decoration of any home. I love the muted shades that Froujke has chosen for the colours; they add a classic (but not dated) feel to the kitchen. The stove, which is a brilliantly crafted piece of mesh,  offers 9 colour options, so you can create a kitchen that is totally unique to your requirements. The main build looks sturdy and well-balanced, and additional elements such as the dish drainer, the jar with utensils and even the kitchen organiser are all beautifully  rendered and look quite perfect.Kitchen sink drama part 2Taken as a whole the kitchen itself is outstanding, but what really makes this incredibly special are the stacks of animations that Froukje has added to make this one of the most exciting furniture releases in Second Life this year. She hasn’t skimped either; the PG version of the kitchen comes with ten solo and forty couple animations, along with forty  wearable items and rezzing scenes, with a lot of the couple animations playable solo as well. That’s more than enough for anyone, but the Adult version really takes things up a gear.Guys, it’s pretty astonishing; and having only just bust my virtual cherry  (see this post..) it’s been nothing short of a revelation! The Adult version of the kitchen has ten solo and NINETY couple animations, five sequences and over forty wearable items and rezzing scenes. PHEW!!  (Like the PG version, many of the couple animations can be used solo as well, and it’s tonnes of fun finding out what you can do with them.)  A very neat extra touch is that the adult kitchen is Aeros compatible too; this means your, erm how shall we say it, willy angles are automatically adjusted if you get my drift! Despite my many years in-world I’m having a lot of ‘firsts’ at the moment, and here’s another one because this was also my first time using experiences too. If you have something called ‘AVsitter experience’ enabled on your land the kitchen props will automatically attach to your avatar without asking permission. I can’t even begin to tell you what a revelation this was; you really don’t realise how much of a mood-breaker detaching attachments and re-attaching them can be so this added a real sense of realism to the entire  experience and best of all, made it so much fun. I don’t think I have ever baked, or cooked, or fucked as much in my entire virtual life (or real one for that matter!) kitchen sink drama, part 3 I’m not going to spoil the fun for you too much because this kitchen is something that you really need to try out by yourselves, but suffice to say all the animations  are incredibly satisfying! The sequences allow for you to concentrate on nothing more than the action with your partner and they really are pretty special.  I enjoyed them immensely, and they also offer the opportunity for some really epic photographs too; you will gain a LOT of satisfaction from this kitchen if you’re an avid Second Life photographer. Also, I like the fact that there is more to this kitchen than just standard cooking and cleaning animations (although they are excellent of course). The animations can really be used to tell a story, which is obviously what I’ve tried to do here with my cartoon-strip, and they allow for a lot of role-play and conversational opportunities, as well as epic make-up sex.  Kitchen sink drama part 4To sum up then this is a very special creation indeed that will get a lot of virtual press, and rightly so.  There’s always excitement when DUTCHIE releases something new to the grid and this kitchen is without exception one of the best out there, so If you’re looking for a new kitchen for your virtual abode, or even if you’re not, go and give this one a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!  

More information: 

Land impact PG kitchen: 30 prims
Land impact adult kitchen: 31 prims
Lamp: 3 prims
Clock: 3 prims

Mod and copy.
100% original mesh.
Materials applied.

Check out the details on Dutchie’s website HERE. 

Click HERE to visit in-world, and HERE to purchase from the marketplace.

NSFW: A visit to THE SEX SPA (Pt.1)

NSFW: A visit to THE SEX SPA (Pt.1)

sex spa_003“I eat my dinner in my bathtub
Then I go to sex clubs
Watching freaky people gettin’ it on…” Tove Lo ‘Habits’

Sex in SL has NEVER been something that has appealed to me at all. I know that for some avatars it’s an incredibly important part of their Second Lives, especially when they’re in relationships with partners that they don’t live with; but it’s something I’ve never felt the need to investigate. Besides, I’ve always thought of it based on my original experiences of rezzing into Adult areas, back in the heady, early days of  Second Life.  It was never a pretty sight, and I could never fully understand how someone could get in the mood when there were distracting pose balls dotted all over the place, let alone animations that were jerking in all the wrong ways and making the avatars meld into one globule-like, writhing mess, with elbows jutting through foreheads and prim-phalluses popping out of the back of the avatar heads.  It never struck me as especially erotic, so I left well alone.
I would never have bothered to explore that side of SL again either, had it not been for my curiosity  being piqued quite by chance.  As most shopping savvy avatars are well aware, WHORE COUTURE FAIR 5 has just launched and it’s an absolute must-visit event with over 100 stores promising to fulfill your every whim and desire.  There are some seriously sexy items on show, from lingerie skins and hairstyles to poses and, erm, ‘equipment’. It really  cannot be missed, but missing it I was because I couldn’t find a ruddy LM anywhere! Luckily for me, I knew the event was the brain-child of the esteemed Missqwerty Pevensey, so I looked up her in-world profile, to see if I could source a landmark.  (Now, before we go any further let me confess I do read (and judge) people on their profiles. I love a good profile read, and picks do work because I go to so many of them. (I’ve found hundreds of new to me stores and locations through profile picks so the message here is do not neglect your profile folks, you never know who could be reading!)) ANYWAY, it was while I checked out  Missqwerty’s profile that I happened across her picks, and it was there that I learned of THE SEX SPA.Now, I hold MissQ in pretty high esteem in-world (although she doesn’t know me from Adam, I’m a long time fan of her brand AMERICAN BAZAAR and a fan of the events that she curates) so upon a complete whim I clicked on the link, and I was transported to another place entirely..chilling_011Looks cracking doesn’t it? I have no idea what I expected to find when I clicked on that profile pick but the SEX SPA definitely wasn’t it, because this is a truly stunning place; a gorgeous and well put together place for intimate relations without an iota of sleaze about it.  We’re talking high-class kink, with beautifully chosen and arranged furnishings throughout. Every element of decoration has been thoughtfully placed to evoke the feeling of an actual spa. Don’t get me wrong, the number one priority here is to get laid, but to do so in absolutely lovely surroundings, the kind that I had no idea existed in Second Life. More fool me. chilling_010It truly is a spa as well with massage tables, a gym and sauna, as well as treatment rooms that you can enjoy singularly or as a couple.  I had a blissful time soaking my tootsies. I was a tad apprehensive if I’m honest, having never been to  one of these places it was making me wonder if an avatar would rez in and lunge at me or something worse.  Fortunately,  that didn’t happen which meant that I could  really enjoy my surroundings: I was definitely enjoying the soothing and relaxing but could it really offer more? chilling_003I continued to explore and discovered a tub for two..chilling_013There is a fantastic pool and jacuzzi to be enjoyed outside too, with lovely sofas to relax upon under the virtual sky, or not as the case may be. I spied a couple who certainly weren’t gazing at the stars, so I retreated to a hot-tub to sit and ponder what I’d stumbled across. Despite the activities that were taking place a few feet away, I didn’t feel threatened or even embarrassed. I didn’t feel especially aroused either, despite my enjoyment of the location.  I was merely a visitor taking my time to enjoy the space around me. But I would be a liar if I said I didn’t suddenly feel curious…chilling_008This place had certainly got me thinking; is Sex in a virtual world just as bad as I thought it was, or is it actually an experience to be enjoyed, encouraged even? Just how much of an experience can it really be, indeed is there any point to it at all? It’s not an easy question to answer, but already my perceptions were being changed by what I was experiencing at this place. The fact was, I had to be open to the experience to really see what it was like before passing judgement so I decided to be objective and return with my trusty partner Jez to see what the SEX SPA was really all about…

Tune in for part 2 if you want to know more, here’s a NSFW sneaky peek! 

KITTY WEARS (Main picture)

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.5

HEAD: Catwa ‘Gwen’ (worn with Bold & Beauty ‘Lindsey’ applier ‘Light Fair’; also wearing Maitreya body applier and eyeshadow and lipstick from the range)

EYES: IKON  ‘Triumph’ eyes– Dusk

LASHES: Deesses ‘Luxe Eyelashes-Catwa’ WHORE COUTURE FAIR

HAIRSTYLE: +Elua+ ‘Jaycee’ (Ombre Basic)

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ V. 3

HAIRSTYLE: Little Bones ‘Lemonade’ (L – Dip dyes & fades)

ROBE:{dolle}Short Robe Sleepwear – Black WHORE COUTURE FAIR


POSE Muka Pose #4 WHORE COUTURE FAIR L$5 ‘gift’

(Other pictures: HAIRSTYLE: +Elua+ ‘Jaycee’ (Ombre Basic))