NSFW: A Dutchie Kitchen Sink Drama

NSFW: A Dutchie Kitchen Sink Drama

Dear readers, you ALL know by now  that I’m a Second Life shopping addicted texture whore (that’s a mouthful, as the lady said to the gardener!) but you should also know how much I adore my fancy furniture too. What’s the common denominator here? Where’s the link between a beautifully textured dress and an elegantly composed armoire?  Well the link is simply the one thing that brings these items to life in a virtual world: IMAGINATION.You need the imagination of the creator to breathe life into an object and add the magic that will take it from a mere prim to something sensational in the same way that you also need the imagination of the avatar using or wearing that item too, to take it from being a few mere pixels on a screen to becoming  something real and true.   Honestly, you can’t beat a beautifully crafted piece of virtual furniture, for firing up the grey matter, especially if it’s been equipped with animations that bring that piece to life, and if you require proof of that statement you only have to check out the latest release from DUTCHIE, the “Dutchie Mesh Interactive Corner Kitchen”.  for affirmation. Kitchen Sink Drama Part 1For a start it’s beautifully built, but then again you’d expect nothing less from Froukje Hoorenbeek would you?  This is after all the lady that brought us the absolute masterpiece that is the Villa Utrecht, which never ceases to amaze and inspire,  and even though months have passed since it was originally  released it’s still one of the best homes that you can find in Second Life.  It stands to reason that such an esteemed creator would apply her exceptional skills in the same way to her latest creation, and you’ll be delighted to know “Dutchie Mesh Interactive Corner Kitchen”. is of the same quality and has stacks of elements that add an authentic, realistic touch.The kitchen itself is simple and elegant with colour change options.  You can select from six beautiful colour choices  to match the decoration of any home. I love the muted shades that Froujke has chosen for the colours; they add a classic (but not dated) feel to the kitchen. The stove, which is a brilliantly crafted piece of mesh,  offers 9 colour options, so you can create a kitchen that is totally unique to your requirements. The main build looks sturdy and well-balanced, and additional elements such as the dish drainer, the jar with utensils and even the kitchen organiser are all beautifully  rendered and look quite perfect.Kitchen sink drama part 2Taken as a whole the kitchen itself is outstanding, but what really makes this incredibly special are the stacks of animations that Froukje has added to make this one of the most exciting furniture releases in Second Life this year. She hasn’t skimped either; the PG version of the kitchen comes with ten solo and forty couple animations, along with forty  wearable items and rezzing scenes, with a lot of the couple animations playable solo as well. That’s more than enough for anyone, but the Adult version really takes things up a gear.Guys, it’s pretty astonishing; and having only just bust my virtual cherry  (see this post..) it’s been nothing short of a revelation! The Adult version of the kitchen has ten solo and NINETY couple animations, five sequences and over forty wearable items and rezzing scenes. PHEW!!  (Like the PG version, many of the couple animations can be used solo as well, and it’s tonnes of fun finding out what you can do with them.)  A very neat extra touch is that the adult kitchen is Aeros compatible too; this means your, erm how shall we say it, willy angles are automatically adjusted if you get my drift! Despite my many years in-world I’m having a lot of ‘firsts’ at the moment, and here’s another one because this was also my first time using experiences too. If you have something called ‘AVsitter experience’ enabled on your land the kitchen props will automatically attach to your avatar without asking permission. I can’t even begin to tell you what a revelation this was; you really don’t realise how much of a mood-breaker detaching attachments and re-attaching them can be so this added a real sense of realism to the entire  experience and best of all, made it so much fun. I don’t think I have ever baked, or cooked, or fucked as much in my entire virtual life (or real one for that matter!) kitchen sink drama, part 3 I’m not going to spoil the fun for you too much because this kitchen is something that you really need to try out by yourselves, but suffice to say all the animations  are incredibly satisfying! The sequences allow for you to concentrate on nothing more than the action with your partner and they really are pretty special.  I enjoyed them immensely, and they also offer the opportunity for some really epic photographs too; you will gain a LOT of satisfaction from this kitchen if you’re an avid Second Life photographer. Also, I like the fact that there is more to this kitchen than just standard cooking and cleaning animations (although they are excellent of course). The animations can really be used to tell a story, which is obviously what I’ve tried to do here with my cartoon-strip, and they allow for a lot of role-play and conversational opportunities, as well as epic make-up sex.  Kitchen sink drama part 4To sum up then this is a very special creation indeed that will get a lot of virtual press, and rightly so.  There’s always excitement when DUTCHIE releases something new to the grid and this kitchen is without exception one of the best out there, so If you’re looking for a new kitchen for your virtual abode, or even if you’re not, go and give this one a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!  

More information: 

Land impact PG kitchen: 30 prims
Land impact adult kitchen: 31 prims
Lamp: 3 prims
Clock: 3 prims

Mod and copy.
100% original mesh.
Materials applied.

Check out the details on Dutchie’s website HERE. 

Click HERE to visit in-world, and HERE to purchase from the marketplace.

Witchy Wednesday – The Wizarding Fayre 2013

Witchy Wednesday – The Wizarding Fayre 2013

wizarding fayre_001

There is so much Halloween goodness hitting the grid at the moment that it is incredibly difficult to keep up! However, it’s a Wednesday, and I haven’t posted a Witchy Wednesday in ages, so I’m going to feature an absolute corker for you today. 

Watch out for tons of  Witchy related activity, spooky surprises and ghostly goings on in every corner of the grid, with hunts, events and sales galore celebrating the Halloween theme.  Be wary and wise by making sure that your eyes are glued to the blogosphere for news on the latest events.  I also recommend keeping at least one eyeball fixed firmly in a Mad-Eyed Moody style  on Elysium Hyne’s Pinterest boards. Ely seems to moonlight as a pinning whirlwind and is doing a great job of keeping a record of all the festivities. Last but not least, Seraphim SL offers a myriad of event catalogues that are well worth a browse.

So let me tell you about  The Wizarding Faire 2013. This has been going on for a while already and is due to end on the 20th, but it’s an absolute must-see! (I realise I am late to the blogging party on this one, and I’m playing catch-up.  Real life, what can I say?)  The Wizarding Faire is of course a celebration of all things ‘teenage boy-Wizard’ related, but even if you aren’t a fan of the series of books this event is styled after you will still find lots of interesting items on sale, with some of them more Witchy than others.

There are 48 designers in attendance, and each one has contributed something very special. Gachas, clothing, poses, furniture, the list is endless. Not only that, the sim is beautifully designed and fabulous for visiting and taking tonnes of photographs. Look, you know it’s going to be special when you have to open a wall of rocks to step inside!

wizarding fayre_002

I spent a happy hour here exploring and shooting pictures and buying lots of nice things..

I absolutely fell in love with the ATOMIC cauldrons and potion-making supplies. Ivy Graves is a veritable mesh Goddess, and these look fabulous. They’re a great shape, a little different to the cauldron norm and are beautifully textured to  perfectly capture  a worn feel.  The little jars of essential spell making ingredients really look the part too.  Love it!


I also need to give a shout out to LARK as well, because Sienia has done it again.  ‘It’ being making mesh magic all on her own. I am constantly blown-away by the work that Sienia does. She is blessed with a talent for great design, teamed with an astonishing imagination making Sienia’s creations an important force in Second Life design.


Her latest works are these are these awesome ‘Towering  Tomes’ that fit in very well with the Imaginarium Librairium that was such a success at The Arcade this year.  These books are actually able to be worn, or can be rezzed to great effect as a furnishings, which is what I have done with mine…

Snapshot_013 You’ll find lots of clothing items at the event. It’s well worth checking out the astonishing Damien Fate’s FATEPLAY label because not only will you find some fantastic clothing, but also the BEST mesh Witch Hat, called ‘Damadore’, that I’ve yet seen on the grid: nice and plain and simple and best of all A FREEBIE! Whoop! There is so much to enjoy at The Wizarding Fayre. It must be said that the team behind this event have produced a corker; rather than fill it to the brim with items that are of dubious quality, each item is a winner. There’s just enough to enjoy with bucket-loads of original mesh items to splurge upon, and the environment is, excuse the pun, simply enchanting. It stands up so well to repeat visits with so much to enjoy. In a grid that is often teaming with events and occasions it takes just one quality themed event to truly show how it’s done, and The Wizarding Fayre meets that brief head-on.

 I’m NOT going  to blog all of it in the hope that this will encourage you to fly on over there and see for yourself.  Check out the list of designers below, how could you not want to visit knowing these guys are taking part?! 


As a final nudge to elbow you over to Diagon Alley, I must tell you about the frogs.

Yes, you heard me, frogs. What Witch is worth her salt without heartfelt affection for these amphibious critters? I love frogs, and I automatically fell in love with THIS Gacha when I saw it:

wizarding fayre_004

Yup, it’s full of every kind of frog to fulfil all your ribbety needs!  What drew me to it was the inclusion of the Desert Rain Frog, which is featured in THIS video, which I love.  But readers, they are all equally fabulous. I’ve bought a few of these to decorate the landscaped areas at my new home (more on that coming soon!) and each one of them is an absolute joy to behold.  They’re beautifully created and textured, and I have no idea how BEETLEBONES has crafted them, but I am so pleased that they did! They’re AWESOME. Oh, and yes, Gacha prizes. Damn those addictive things!Snapshot_014

This is Sylvia, she’s my pet Moon Frog and she lives on my fireplace:) 

So, tempted by The Wizarding Fayre? Better hop on your trusty broomstick and zoom on over to the event faster than you can exclaim  ‘Expecto Patronum!’


And if you like my broom, this was a group gift from Dutchie this month, and it is great fun! I’m practically already set for Halloween! See you at The Wizarding Faire