Powder Pack March 2019 – Amara Beauty

Powder Pack March 2019 – Amara Beauty

I used to really enjoy making videos for my channel. I’m out of practice, so I’m waffling on a bit, but I hope you can tell how enthusiastic I am about this lovely skin, ‘Michelle’ from Powder Pack March 2019, which was specifically for Genus heads.



This beautiful Catwa applier, from Amara Beauty, is available to purchase at this month’s round of SHINY SHABBY.  I’m wearing her on my Catwa ‘Catya’ head, and I’m very taken with her. She has lovely thick brows that really frame the face well, but that’s one of the things I’ve always liked about Shantia Soulstar’s work, she’s always made the best brows for her skin, she’s sorta the Anastasia Soare (Anastasia Beverly Hills) of virtual brows! To discretely share the the skin details I’m wearing the diaphanous ‘Lil Nymph Transparent Dress’ from THE EKC. It’s a very delicate, sheer frock and it looks beautiful when worn against this skin. It is perfect for showing off your curves!Snapshot_013

To create the look above I added the Clique hair from TAKETOMI and some beautiful lingerie that I also discovered at Shiny Shabby, it’s called ‘Audrey’ and is by BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLL. (Audrey Lingerie, mesh body compatible, 14 options available, demo available, 399L each/2,199L fatpack.) Last but not least, I added eye makeup and lipstick from ARTE from this month’s POWDER PACK.

*Blair Catwa Skin Applier, 12 tones available, demo available, 850L each.

Skin of the Week: ‘Tamara’ by AMARA BEAUTY

Skin of the Week: ‘Tamara’ by AMARA BEAUTY

..she’s a bit special! You’ll find her exclusively available at COSMOPOLITAN and she’s available in 12 luxurious skintones for a bargain L$850 each.  What are you waiting for?

Here, Kitty Kitty!

Here, Kitty Kitty!

This week saw the release of the latest BISHBOX.  Along with POWDER PACK, It’s the only subscriber box that I pick up every month. I was incredibly excited to discover that the theme this month was ‘Bad Kitty’, as you can imagine that ticked ALL my boxes, but unfortunately, when it came to the opening and reviewing of the contents there were only a select few items that I really enjoyed.  In fact, this is how disappointed I was: I recorded a vlog and then deleted it. I just thought I sounded incredibly miserable and negative, but the fact was, there was so much scope and yet most of the participants had gone for the same old ideas.  I felt let down and disappointed. There is a lot more to creating a cat aesthetic than masks, PVC and collars.  True, it’s a theme that has been done to death in Second Life but I was ready to be wowed with some super original content and that just wasn’t the case. Now I’ve had a whinge there were a couple of stellar items that I really enjoyed, and I’ll feature those in forthcoming posts.

In other news, UBER has some interesting offerings this month. It’s an event I find a little hit or miss in the extreme. When I finally manage to get in I either go mad and buy all the things or harrumph and roll my eyes as I slope off home in a sulk.  This month saw me buying a few items but I don’t think it’s up to the usual standard. That said, the ‘Yonder Eyes’ from IZZIE’S are well worth checking out if you want to up your virtual eye game; the colours Izzie has created are beautiful.

Can you see a theme developing here? In fact, that’s something I’m seeing reflected in other events and offerings across the grid; is the virtual shopping bubble about to burst? Nah, I don’t think so.  Don’t forget that it’s almost Summer and people tend to hang out more in real life once the weather gets warm.  Yes, designers have real lives too you know!

Anyway, here’s a look I threw together featuring items from BISHBOX, UBER and MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY, which finishes soon so quick..run!

Kitty wears:


Mesh Head: CATWA ‘Kimberly’ (with CATWA Mesh Eyes)

Mesh Body: MAITREYA ‘Lara’ V4.1


Ears: MANDALA ‘Steking’ Season 5

Eyes: IZZIES ‘Yonder Eyes’ UBER

Hair: TRUTH ‘Scout’ ( Multitone 1)


Top: TETRA Off-Shoulder (red) UBER

Shorts:  L&B Swear ‘Dita’ Denim Shorts UBER



Earrings: REIGN ‘Pentagram’ Earrings

Ears: DOE Wire Kitty ears – Part of hairstyle exclusive to BISHBOX ‘Bad Kitty’ May 2017

Choker: XYZ Tattoo Choker

Necklace: YUMMY Tiny Skull Necklace – Gold

Make-up: PINK FUEL ‘Queen’ Palette lipstick (From POWDER PACK March 2017)

Glasses: YUMMY Lillian Glasses – Gold


Pose: LUXE ‘Sonya-5’ UBER