Break On Through To The Other Side

Break On Through To The Other Side

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Cosmopolitan‘ has always been a bit of a hit or miss event for me. Sometimes I’ll drop by and find some absolutely hideous things on sale, and other months I’ll visit and it’s packed to the brim with wonderful stuff. I’m happy to say this month is one of those better occasions where quality abounds, and I picked up some rather fabulous things which I’ll share with you in coming posts.

The highlight for me, however, has to be this romper suit by ADORSY. I genuinely absolutely detest romper suits in real life. I really do! To me, they just look wrong and worst of all, when you want a wee you end up sitting on the toilet butt naked because you have to take the whole thing off. Nope, I’m not fussed about that inconvenience. However, this being Second Life I can wear a romper without worrying if I’ll freeze to death as I sit on the porcelain throne.

This one is a bit of a corker too; ticking all the boxes style-wise. It features the statement cold shoulder look coupled with puffed sleeves AND defined, slim fitting cuffs. Sounds awful on paper, but looks great in reality. The draping at the front is effective and the contrast belt really adds an edge. It’s beguilingly simple yet manages to look sophisticated despite the fact that it’s a frigging romper suit…who’d have thought it?

I have no patience and the vendor took AGES so I ended up buying it twice. I probably should send a notecard to the creator, Raven Corith, about that but I’m a very lazy person and besides, I don’t begrudge him the extra Lindens when I’ve bought something that makes me so happy.

It’s also a great way to feature body art, which brings me to my second find at Cosmopolitan, a very simple but super pretty tattoo by AURICA. This ‘Rita’ tattoo is L$199 and impressively simple in design; a v-neck pattern that falls between the breasts at the front and is repeated on the back, with matching elements on the arms. Perfect for when you want body decoration, but nothing too elaborate. 

Last but not least I’m in dire need of some new poses. Fortunately, Cosmopolitan delivered here too. SEMOTION are there with the ‘Modeling Pose Set 56’ and it’s a great collection of ten bento compatible poses for L$420 (or you can purchase separately at L$50 per pose) A tad on the pricey side but worth it, in my opinion, some of these will make for great shots, in particular, the one I’m using in this picture, ‘SE Modeling-541’

I’m late to visit this round of Cosmopolitan, it closes in a couple of days, but it’s definitely worth your time this round. you can click HERE for a taxi, and don’t forget to tell ’em that Kitty sent ya!

A Very Kitty Christmas!

A Very Kitty Christmas!

Hi Kittyreaders! I know..I know, where’ve you been Kitty? Well, truth be told I’ve been immersed in RL, but now that the holidays are here I’m trying to spend more time in the world because quite frankly Christmas in Second Life is delicious. I have so much fun decorating my skybox with all the trimmings; I do it every year and believe me, taking teh tree down in your virtual abode is JUST as depressing as it is in a real one! But we’ve a few weeks yet before I have to do that, so I’m going to enjoy myself as much as possible, and that’s precisely what I did at COSMOPOLITAN today, where I discovered this lovely warm AGATA ‘Eileen’ dress, which is textured in a lovely tweed fabric with a contrast fur collar and bow. I also found this backdrop by PAPARAZZI which is perfect for Christmas photographs. Why don’t you take a trip to COSMOPOLITAN for more festive-flavoured treats!



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Kitty wears from the event:
SWALLOW ‘Pixie’ ears
ASTERIA ‘Irina’ Pants, Ruffle Corset & Shirt in ‘Rose’


Other featured items: 
SKIN OF THE WEEK:  AMARA BEAUTY ‘Tamara’ Skin in Tone 5

Available at Cosmopolitan – CLICK HERE TO VISIT

Also featured:

Glasses by YUMMY (Glitz)

Hair By ELIKATIRA (Mabel)

Head by CATWA (Kimberly)

Body & Hands by MAITREYA

Rings by YUMMY (Love Spell Set)

Bangles by NOODLES (Meow Set)

Red Lipstick by PINK FUEL

Pose by EXPOSEUR (Blissful 4)

Backdrop by RAMA (Copper Contour) available at THE GACHA GARDEN

Skin of the Week: ‘Tamara’ by AMARA BEAUTY

Skin of the Week: ‘Tamara’ by AMARA BEAUTY

..she’s a bit special! You’ll find her exclusively available at COSMOPOLITAN and she’s available in 12 luxurious skintones for a bargain L$850 each.  What are you waiting for?