A Very Kitty Christmas!

A Very Kitty Christmas!

Hi Kittyreaders! I know..I know, where’ve you been Kitty? Well, truth be told I’ve been immersed in RL, but now that the holidays are here I’m trying to spend more time in the world because quite frankly Christmas in Second Life is delicious. I have so much fun decorating my skybox with all the trimmings; I do it every year and believe me, taking teh tree down in your virtual abode is JUST as depressing as it is in a real one! But we’ve a few weeks yet before I have to do that, so I’m going to enjoy myself as much as possible, and that’s precisely what I did at COSMOPOLITAN today, where I discovered this lovely warm AGATA ‘Eileen’ dress, which is textured in a lovely tweed fabric with a contrast fur collar and bow. I also found this backdrop by PAPARAZZI which is perfect for Christmas photographs. Why don’t you take a trip to COSMOPOLITAN for more festive-flavoured treats!

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