MBA: Let The Sunshine In!

MBA: Let The Sunshine In!

Vintage Sunday Style

So the latest round of MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY is well and truly underway, and it’s full of wonderful treats and fantastic clothes, shoes, skins, manicures and everything you need to make your avatar look her very best.

For my first official post this round (although I did feature the tattoo in my last post as a sneak peek) I wanted to share this gorgeous ‘Lisa’ dress from LX.  I confess that this was the first thing I opened  purely because of the name (yes, it’s my RL name if you didn’t already know) so it was with some trepidation that I unwrapped the blogger package to reveal the goodness inside.  I wasn’t disappointed, this is a GREAT outfit and as you can see from my snap it lends itself to vintage styling incredibly well.

In fact, although this is a dress it really does evoke a two-piece bathing suit to my mind, can you see that too?  Not that it matters especially but it does make for a cracking virtual beachwear outfit.

sex spa_005

As you can see I added the amazing APHORISM ‘Bella’ Sandals to this dress to create a sassy, summery look with an old-skool vibe.  It’s a cracking round of MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY, and I’ll be featuring further items on the blog this week.


SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘DANA’ CATWA applier /MAITREYA body applier in 03 Peach    (Kitty wears this on Catwa ‘Gwen’ mesh head)

EYES: IKON ‘Triumph Eyes’ eyes in ‘Storm’


SUNGLASSES: MAXI GOSSAMER Monroe Florida 50’s Classic








LOTD: Goa Trance Kitty Ahoy! (Dancing around her bedroom, not the beach!)

LOTD: Goa Trance Kitty Ahoy! (Dancing around her bedroom, not the beach!)


I’ve not compiled or featured a LOTD post for a wee while so I thought that I’d share my current appearance with you all. I’m totally in love with my look at the moment, and that’s due to a number of factors: a fantastic group gift hair from LITTLE BONES, my glorious ZOUL CREATIONS skin and the amazing ARCADE offerings from ZAARA. It’s not even the most recent group gift either, that’s called ‘Rude’ and is on the counter, but this long-length style which is a shift away from my usual bobbed/mid-length favorites works perfectly with my outfit.  I don’t tend towards long hair in SL for a number of reasons. It doesn’t always photograph well with bits of clothing or limbs sticking through it and I find it very hard to actually discover long hairstyles that I truly love. I do have some, but they tend to get used for blog posts then find themselves thrown into the deepest, darkest corner of my inventory. Not so with this style at all.
I remember once reading an article where a journalist that the Pet Shop Boys do themselves a huge disservice by using epic songs as B-sides; the point being that because their quality was so great they could be released as singles. This is a gift in a similar vein; the style is incredibly easy to wear and ALL the colours you could possibly require are included in the pack. Had this been available to buy I would have bought it. Instead, Nova Faerye has been seriously generous in giving this one out to group members. I really rate the slightly off-centre parting and the way that the hair falls onto the shoulders. I also particularly like the lock that hangs down at the back too, it’s very realistic, and of course being LITTLE BONES hair you’re guaranteed some beautiful colour options. I’ve waxed lyrical about how much I adore ‘Carly’ by ZOUL CREATIONS before, but I’ve not taken her off for a number of weeks now.  I just keep finding new ways to wear her because of the quality eyeshadows and lip colours Shantia Soulstar crafted to match. As you can see the skin works with this look perfectly; the eyeshadow and lip colour compliment the colours of both my hair and my trousers completely. I opted to wear the no-brow option though just so I could add my go-to brows from JUST MAGNETIZED, and, of course, my favourite MONS eyeliner is included too!

!I also picked up this utterly amazing nose-chain from MAXI GOSSAMER at UBER. The nose-chain is something I have always wanted to try wearing in-world but have never quite felt brave enough to give it a shot.  They’ve seemed a little too obtrusive, but this delicate chain with pearl embellishment really does the trick.   I think that it works beautifully with this casual look despite it having a dressy feel.

Moving on, I discovered a store recently called B BOS. It’s clearly been around for a while, but it’s a new discovery for me and it’s not bad at all, featuring some really excellent tops, dresses, pants and other items. In fact,  I dragged a friend over there so she could also indulge. As regular readers know I do like my mesh pieces and there are plenty of those in-store to choose from, it was a highly enjoyable visit.  If you go  be sure to take your time and check out this cracking top that I’m wearing called ‘Valery’. It’s available in a number of colours and with some printed logos too, but I chose black so it would prove more versatile. It cost a very acceptable L$160, and I really rate the hanging strap and chain details, as well as the high cut and cap sleeves. I do have a few criticisms though. First up, there are a number of textured items visible in the store that are clearly not original (for example the Batman logo features prominently).  My second criticism?  I hate store logos on outfits and this top sports the B BOS logo on the back below the collar. I don’t wear store logos in real life, let alone second and I prefer items to be plain rather than have names emblazoned upon them.  I didn’t register that it had the logo on it until I had purchased the item,  but decided that I had to make an exception because I really do love the styling plus the name is relatively discreet and I can just about cope with that. Last but not least, ZAARA at THE ARCADE is absolutely killing it with these amazing ‘Arpora Fisherman’s Pants’. I’ve raided multiple yard sales and got myself every single blooming colour and I fully intend to spend my summer in Second Life wearing nothing else. They are utterly sublime, beautifully patterned and textured (as you would  expect from Zara Kohime) and fit my Slink body like a glove. I want more of them, no, I NEED more of them. They make me a very happy kitty indeed. If I can find the bracelets to go with I’ll be satisfied! (UPDATE: Found them, OH HAPPY DAY!!)

Finally, check out my flat. It’s an absolute mess, absolutely festooned with gacha wins past and present, but I don’t care a ruddy jot. THE ARCADE has provided so many brilliant decorative pieces this round that it’s hard to know when to stop, so I haven’t! There are clothes, cats, make-up and stuff everywhere, and I couldn’t be happier. As my friend Natalie put it, my flat is incredibly eclectic, and I think it’s a fair reflection of who I am in both lives, although I must confess in the metaverse I am definitely better dressed. Right, you’ll have to excuse me, I’m sticking my ZAARA Goa trance CD’s on and attempting to tidy-up..toodles!

Kitty Wears:

SKIN: ZOUL CREATIONS ‘Carly’ (Sk1 No Brows ChB)
(Eyeshadow – Carly Eyeshadow Magic 03)
(Lipstick – Carly Lipsticks Lilac 03)
EYELINER: MONS/Makeups – Black eyeliner series -8
EYEBROWS – JUST MAGNETIZED ‘Diva Brows’ (Brunette 03)
EYES – IKON ‘Destiny’ eyes in Maya (M/L)

MESH BODY – SLINK ‘Physique’
MANI/PEDI –ADORED @Sparkling Nights’ (Slink + Omega)

TOP – B BOS ‘Valery’ top in Black
TROUSERS – ZAARA ‘Arpora Fishermans Pants’ *Eggplant* (AVAILABLE AT THE ARCADE)

CHOKER – XYZ//Tattoo Choker (black)
NECKLACE – ZAARA [Goa Party] Rudraksh necklace (AVAILABLE AT THE ARCADE)
RING – REIGN – Chamber Rings- Meow (Black)

Gone ‘Til Sad November

Gone ‘Til Sad November

Kitty The Dolle

Remember that post I wrote, ooh a couple of months ago now, moaning about the fact that there are way too many events and I can’t keep up? Well, that kind of still stands, but I have to say that making the effort to try and hit all the new events this month will undoubtedly reap rewards. In fact, it’s starting to already. There’s a new event on the block called SAD NOVEMBER. November is an odd time; cold, gloomy and kind of a non-event as months go. Everyone is geared up for December after all, and the onset of long, cold days and even darker nights seems to conjure up the worst kind of bleakness and moods in people. But I think SAD NOVEMBER can go some way to addressing all that. Despite the name it’s not even a little bit sad, in fact, it’s pretty darn happy. Or at least I was, sploshing around in puddles and flitting from store to store on this beautifully decorated sim bursting with almost 100 designers covering every possible want or desire. If you’re looking for the ultimate winter coat you’ll find plenty to choose from here, and my jumper fetish* was more than satisfied as I wandered around marvelling at the goodies on offer.

On reflection, perhaps I should refine my point about events; I don’t have time to bother with half-hearted attempts, just the quality ones. SAD NOVEMBER  really fits into the quality category; like THE SEASONS STORY it’s as much of a treat for the eyes as it is a shock to the Linden wallet! The location is really beautiful with falling rain, leaf-filled puddles and industrial buildings juxtaposed with meandering paths and natural landscapes. It’s a great place to take photographs, and I really enjoyed taking my time and allowing myself to really absorb the atmosphere here.
But back to the goodies. You’ll find hairstyles, tattoos, jewellery, footwear as well as leggings, jeans, jumpers, jackets and coats. It is all here and so much effort has gone into the creations available for you to buy. It’s really good to see so much quality, original mesh in one place too. SAD NOVEMBER my backside; I was walking around grinning like the kitty that had got all the cream, and the cow as well! <Chuckle>
So I know you’re wondering what I bought? LOTS of demos. There’s a lot to see here, and out of respect to other avatars I wore as few scripts as I possibly could and nabbed loads of demos to try on at home. This means my already sagging inventory is now bursting with demos, but I’ll be able to try on at leisure and go back to purchase more stuff. (It’s such a lovely location it’s not exactly a hardship to return!)
BUT I did treat myself to something while I was there without trying on a demo first. Aren’t I brave? Well, not really, you see the fact that this item was made by DOLLE meant I could confidently purchase it without any worries. DOLLE make great mesh clothing and I have a number of pieces in my collection that I really enjoy wearing, and this lovely Cardigan is now lovingly folded up in my inventory amongst my most treasured woollens. This is one that I’ll hand-wash with care for sure!
It’s the kind of item that will go with EVERYTHING too.  I’m talking, jeans, skirts, leggings, heels and boots. For a sexy, funky look pull on a pair of long boots and wear alone (don’t forget your undies!), or alternatively try adding a chunky scarf and some low loafers and cord trousers.  An outfit perfect for wandering around and kicking leaves and supping Pumpkin Spiced Lattes galore! (True fact: I’ve NEVER had one of those!)

I know I say this a lot but I really do need this in real life. It’s utterly lovely, and the off-shoulder shape means it has a sexy edge, that is if you consider a cardigan can ever be sexy! Hey, at least it shows off my tats really well! ( I SAID TATS!!)
My only complaint is that there just aren’t enough colours available; I would really love this in some more primary shades, but make no mistake it’s a cracking find. I’ll be featuring some more items from SAD NOVEMBER throughout the month I’m sure, but as events go this really is one that you must not miss.

Here’s your taxi! 

*There’s no doubt in my head that if I was a cat I would be one of those kinds of moggies that likes to chew wool and drool on jumpers.
** I was walking around singing ‘November Rain’ by Guns ‘N’ Roses which then got me onto ‘Gone ’til November’ by Wyclef Jean. In fact, here’s a really great Spotify playlist all about November!


Hair: WASABI PILLS ‘Karin’ Mesh Hair **FAMESHED**

Lashes: MC Falsies Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD

Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Heart Plugs

Skin: NAR MATTARU – ‘Zoe’ Tone 03 (worn with

Eyes: IKON – ‘Denim’ (Group gift)

Jumper/Cardigan: DOLLE- ‘Open Shoulder Sweater dress’  **SAD NOVEMBER**

Tattoo: JOLI ‘Purr Evil’

Glasses: MAXI GOSSAMER  ‘Milano Cat’s Eye-40’s Classic’

Necklace: MAXI GOSSAMER ‘Jewelled Skull & Heart’ (Group Gift)

Septum Ring: MONS ‘Mesh Septum Ring #1’

Pose: GLITTERATI ‘Sexy’ range

Vintage & Cool

Vintage & Cool

Denim Jacket Kitty

The Vintage & Cool Fair doesn’t end until Friday 24th October, so you have plenty of time to visit this event.  

I’ve popped back to it a number of times over the past few days, it’s one of those types of events that stands up well to repeat visits, particularly because of the layout.  I also really like that there are some great photo opportunities featuring vintage cars dotted around the place. As always with events I’ve discovered many new content creators, and I’m particularly impressed by the poses of offer from DYER MAKER.  Guys, my inventory is fit to burst with all the poses in there.I really don’t need anymore; yet I decided to splurge on the ‘Against the Wall’ and the ‘Pin Up Poses’ that were available at the event.  Then I just had to go and visit the main-store to pick up a few more. Curses!

So anyway, here’s another look I’ve put together in a retro style. The Tattoo is a new release from JOLI, and the fab skull and heart necklace is a gift from MAXI GOSSAMER. If you’re in the group get your tag on and go and collect it from the main-store, but hurry, it’s being replaced next week…Phew!  There are so many events and so many new releases on the grid at the moment, have you spotted anything amazing that you’d care to share in the comments?

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