Slip into something comfortable from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

Slip into something comfortable from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

Oh the joy that a new operating system can bring. I would tell you the saga of how Windows 10 almost broke me (because it decided that it didn’t like my Nvidea graphics card) but that would be boring. But that’s the reality that I’ve been living the past few days. There’s been some serious swears Chez RL Kitty that’s for sure, and it’s put my blogging back a few days.It’s a shame because I’m actually finding Windows 10 to be incredibly tasty; and it’s actually performing some kind of Witchcraft which is making my Second Life experience much better than normal, BUT I’m still experiencing hitches galore.

Beloved has done some sort of jiggery pokery but until the problem is properly addressed by a patch from Microsoft I fear my activities are going to be somewhat hampered; already my machine has failed twice in the past two hours.  (The glitch itself is incredibly annoying too; my monitor basically shuts down and refuses to allow me to switch it back on.  My speakers working just fine show that behind the blackness my PC is running just fine though, and sadly the only way to restore service is to perform a reboot.  I shudder to think what this is doing to my hard disk.)Kitty Bedroom_004Anyway, enough of my kitty-complaining, I still have niceness to share with you from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR.  In fact, the item I’m sharing is perfect for returning home after an epic shopping trip. What could be nicer than coming home and kicking off your shoes, then running a luxurious bath before slipping into something comfortable to wear while you binge-watch Netflix or read your favourite book in bed? Sure sounds tempting doesn’t it? Snapshot_002Well,  here’s a simple yet really lovely camisole/dress from DOLLLE to wear once you’ve completed your ablutions. I have blogged DOLLLE before and I do like the label very much; they seem to offer a very nice line in relaxed mesh attire that’s easy to wear and style. The mesh is really well engineered and offers a good fit and the texture choices are sound too.Snapshot_005I’m also wearing the latest skin from ZOUL CREATIONS in this snap; this is the simply scrumptious ‘Iza’ which has been released at the incredibly popular ‘WE LOVE ROLEPLAY’ event.  ‘Iza’ is available in 4 tone packs for 420L each, which include 2 tones each and 5 brow options.  Demos are of course available to try.  As always Shantia Soulstar has created a plethora of applier options for you to choose from; with body appliers available for EVE, Lolas, L. Inc, Maitreya, Omega, SLink, and WowMeh, 0L each. Iza Eyeshadows includes 10 colours, 70L. Iza Lipsticks includes 10 colours, 70L.  (I’ve cheated a bit and because there aren’t any appliers for PXL Sweet Lips with this skin, I’ve just used my PXL Sweet Lips appliers from Shantia’s ‘Della’ release and they work a treat!)
Anyone care to come and wash my back? Bueller? Anyone?

Kitty Credits:
Base Look: 
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS (Iza sk1 – Dk Brows –Chb  worn withSk1 & Sk2 Blush along with  Iza Eyeshadow – Blue 03 and Della Sweet Lips Naked 03 ) WE LOVE ROLEPLAY
Lashes: HUSH – Lashes – ‘Flirt’
Lips: PXL SweetLips v1.4
Ears: AITUI – Ear: Naked
Mesh Body: MAITREYA ‘Lara’ V3.4 (inc. hands and feet)
Eyes: BUZZ ‘Cora Kitty Eyes’ – Chocolate {Medium}
Hair: LITTLE BONES ‘Thoughts’ – Landslide colour-pack

Kitty wears:
DOLLLE Silk Cami Night Dress, mesh body compatible, 5 colour options available, 250L each/fatpack 880L THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

BOUNCE THIS ‘Destiny’ & ‘Candy’

More Fabulous finds from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

More Fabulous finds from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

sandals_008Another day, another pair of new shoes from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR.  Like the ESSENZ pair that I was sporting yesterday these G&D ‘Roma’ Sandals are a lovely, well-textured pair of heels that are easy to dress up or down. PicMonkey Collage

I’ve never been a blogger who was fixated on shoes in world but in recent months I’ve become very enamoured with them.  I think this is because increasing number of shoe designers are starting to realise that there’s more to a pair of virtual heels than a texture and a bit of shine.  As I wrote yesterday, you want a bit of substance from your virtual footwear, and the more authentic looking the better. That’s why I’m starting to pay more attention  to footwear in-world, and this pair are really worth taking time to look over and look great dressed up or dressed down, which is precisely what I’ve done with them.

I’ve teamed them with two more items from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR; first of all are these rather dandy pants from MODULUS.  I love the baggy worn-in feeling on these, and rather cheekily they do show a wee bit of your butt at the back! They ride low and feature worn patches on the shin; if you zoom in you can see that the fabric pattern is similar to that which is conventionally used to make a bandana.

Up top I’m wearing, well, not very much really! <Chuckle> I realised the chevron pattern from the watch that I was wearing yesterday was similar to the one on this bikini from VIVI which is my final item for today from THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR and I think it works really well when worn as a top, don’t you? It’s not overly fussy but adds a welcome splash of colour to the rest of my outfit, and the pattern has been applied well.

Last but not least is my hairstyle which is an absolute corker.  LITTLE BONES have released a couple of styles at FAMESHED this month, and I’m sporting this one in the ‘Landslide’ colour-set.  It’s a side-swept style with oomph and it is absolutely beautiful.  I never thought I’d be as into the longer styles as I am these days, but I lay the blame firmly at Nova Faerye’s door.  Her work is astonishing and there’s a reason that LITTLE BONES has become such an iconic brand in-world. Love it!sandals_006Right, time to get my shoes on and head on out the door.  I still have blisters from my trip yesterday, but I will soldier on.  Wanna come shopping? Here’s your list!

Kitty Wears:

Base Look: 
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS (Della sk1 – Dk Brows – chC  worn with Della Eyeshadow – Kiwi 03 and Della Lips Bubblegum 02 via Sweet Lips applier)
Lashes: HUSH – Lashes – ‘Flirt’
Lips: PXL SweetLips v1.4
Ears: AITUI – Ear: Naked
Mesh Body: MAITREYA ‘Lara’ V3.4 (inc. hands and feet)
Eyes: BUZZ ‘Cora Eyes’ – Honey {Medium}
Hair: LITTLE BONES ‘Thoughts’ – Landslide colour-pack

Top: VIVI –‘Brianna’ Chevron stripes bikini in Black. THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR
Bottoms: MODULUS – Criolo Pants in Black THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR
Shoes: G&D Sandals ‘Rome’ in Black THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR
Wristwatch : REIGN– Boho Watch- Chevron (RARE)
Poses: BOUNCE THIS ‘Destiny’


My Name is Kitty, and I’m a MESH BODY ADDICT

My Name is Kitty, and I’m a MESH BODY ADDICT

Mesh Body Addicts Fair Maiden Top by MasoomThe MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR is almost upon us and I know this event has been eagerly awaited by so many across the grid. The Fair opens Midnight 1st August 2015 and will close 11pm August 21st 2015, and it’s going to cater to mesh bodies, obviously, but will also cater to mesh heads too; in fact there will be a myriad of mesh items that will be served by this event.  There will be items for both male and female avatars and content will include both fitmesh and applier mesh body fashion items such as clothing, skins, accessories, make-up and tattoos, shoes and  much, much more. Ooh the excitement!
It’s definitely one to relish, and I will be covering the event extensively here on Kittywitchin’, but as yet I haven’t succumbed to replacing Kitty’s visage with a mesh head so you’ll see mostly clothing rather than make-up from the event (with the exception of any lipstick appliers for PXL Sweet Lips that I may find) on these pages.  I own and adore the Maitreya ‘Lara’, Belleza ‘Isis’, ‘Freya’ and ‘Venus’ bodies as well as my beloved SLink ‘Physique’ and I’ll incorporate items for all of them into my  forthcoming blog posts. For my first post from the MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR I’m sporting the ‘Maiden’ top by a brand called MASOOM. This is a very revealing little number with fancy sleeve detailing. The sleeves are fastened by delicate gold chains and you will find it available in Coal, Ruby or Rose (a nice pink hue, not shown) at the event.  I’ve teamed it with some utterly outstanding TRES BLAH denim from UBER SL , and an old favourite LITTLE BONES hairstyle, producing a finished look that is casual with an edge that’s enhanced by my stunning DELLA Skin by ZOUL CREATIONS. 

(Incidentally, there’s going to be a photo contest that you can participate in during the event.  Have a think about what kind of pictures you’re going to put together while you’re waiting for it to open…)


Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS (Della sk1 – Dk Brows – chC  worn with Della Eyeshadow – Kiwi 03 and Della Lips Bubblegum 02 via Sweet Lips applier)
Lashes: HUSH – Lashes – ‘Flirt’
Lips: PXL SweetLips v1.4
Ears: AITUI – Ear: Naked
Mesh Body: MAITREYA ‘Lara’ V3.4 (inc. hands and feet)
Hair: LITTLE BONES ‘Queen’ (L/Hairline)
Top: MASOOM – ‘Maiden’ in Coal and Ruby MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR (I will publish SLURL when event begins!)
Jeans: TRES BLAH ‘Sophie’ Jeans ‘Distressed’ UBER SL
Pose: BOUNCE THIS ‘Khloe’

LOTD: The Bones Of What You Believe

LOTD: The Bones Of What You Believe

DoubleAbsolutely blinking brilliant round of  UBER this month guys and gals, LOTS to love, and lots to feature on these ‘ere pages over the next few posts so let’s begin shall we?
First of all, LOOK AT MY BOOTS. Look at them, faint, weep and generally bow down to their glory because these are the boots I’ve been waiting for. Yet again, if fat-packing was in my budget I would have bought ALL.THE.COLOURS, but as we’ve previously discussed it ain’t, so I didn’t. But what I did do is buy two colours, so first up a Kitty-plea to any designer reading this: not everyone can afford fat-packs, BUT they might be able to afford a duo, or a triple pack? Could you consider featuring that perhaps? You could theme it; a monochrome pack, primary colours, Pastels, Patterns; the combinations are endless. (Hey, you could call it a Kitty-Pack if you wished! ) Suffice to say I  flipping love these. REIGN has knocked it out of the ballpark yet again, after featuring a particularly tidy submission for Fifty Linden Friday yesterday and the ball is so far out of the park friends that it’s currently orbiting Pluto.
Everything about these boots is glorious, but what I especially love is the lacing. It’s incredibly neat and I love that the laces have been left free rather than tied. As is the nature of the footwear (a take on the ever famous Chuck Taylor brand) that there’s a logo on them, but I’ve actually no problems with that at all. As we’ve discussed before logos are a personal bug-bear of mine, but this one I’m completely happy with because it fits in with the product and also, for making such fantastic footwear REIGN deserve some free advertising!
I’m wearing SLINK Physique and Casual Hands at the moment so opted for the SLink fit that’s included in the pack. The fit is snug, so I used the HUD to block out the length of the boot, and I have actually taken my feet off. No point in them if you can’t see them, right? Lessen the server load (not that flat feet add much) and just wear the hell out of these boots. I think they’re going to be absolutely huge this round of UBER, and rightly so.
Moving on I’m wearing a frock from EATERS COMA at THE SEASONS STORY and it’s a cracker. As I said in my previous blog-post, EATERS COMA have made quite a few of my favourite items and this dress and tied shirt (tied again, there’s a theme going on here, have you noticed?) is an absolute inventory essential. The textures are great,  but it’s the HUD options that really make this item sing; there are all kinds of patterns to select from: pick from an almost gingham check, a bold tartan or more subtle, flatter square design. There’s something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed.
I’m wearing a necklace from YUMMY that gels together the street elements of my look beautifully; there;s a combination of pendants on here in different finishes,  but this is no gaudy trinket. Like all YUMMY jewellery,  it’s crafted with the fine attention to detail that you would expect from someone with Polyester Partridge’s credentials. I’ve opted for the ‘Eclectic’ combination but this is a necklace that I’ll wear a lot, and each time I know I’ll be zooming in frequently and admiring it. (You can build a story to this piece in your head, you know? The pearl is from Grandma’s old necklace; the stars are from my Father’s dress uniform that I tried to rescue from the fire, the heart pendant is the necklace that my Mother always wore, the circular pendant is from the necklace I wore at graduation and the ring-pulls were from the cans of coke we shared on our first date. See what I mean? Works well, doesn’t it?)
As in previous posts I’m still rocking the WHITE WIDOW ‘Insidious’ tattoo and it’s probably time I changed it but I can’t help it; it wears so utterly brilliantly and I cannot even begin to tell you on these pages how much I love it. I absolutely adore owls in real life so having a tattoo that pays homage to them so utterly brilliantly is more than I can bear to part with. I’ll probably end up swapping for another WHITE WIDOW tattoo anyway…hair_011Last but not least, check out the body on this hairstyle. Yup, Nova Faerye’s done it again and taken more of my Lindens because of this awesome style. It’s called ‘Chorus’ and has the kind of volume that a 1980’s pop-star would kill for. It’s massive in both size and appeal. The way it frames the face is nothing short of perfect; the cascade of curls begin at just the right part of the style by beginning to tumble down just as the style passes the cheekbones. This style is unbelievably beguiling and draws attention to the face but luckily for me, my chops are ruddy perfect. I’m still wearing ZOUL CREATIONS skins at the moment, but Shantia Soulstar creates such fantastic eyeshadow combinations that you get endless wear out of just one skin. I’ve added my favourite MONS winged-eye-liner into the mix and my PXL SWEET LIPS are polished to perfection. Again, Shantia has provided an extensive palette of colours to choose from in her Sweet Lips Applier for this skin.
Urban, stylish streetwear completes the kind off look that just screams of hanging around with skateboards and boys on street corners  and loitering with intent. What’s not to love? Here’s the credits, time to go shopping!PicMonkey Collage 3Kitty Wears:
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS (Della sk1 – Dk Brows – chC worn with Della Eyeshadow – Carbon 03 and Della Lips Red 02)
Lashes: HUSH – Lashes – Flirt
Lips: PXL SweetLips v1.4
Ears: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4 Heart Plugs (they’re under the hair, trust me they’re there!)
Body: SLINK Physique Mesh Body (+ SLINK Casual Hands)
Tattoo: WHITE WIDOW ‘Insidious’ WIZARDING FAIR 2015
Eyes: BUZZ Cora Eyes – Honey {Medium} THE EPIPHANY
Eyeliner: MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-8
Septum Piercing: YUMMY Spiked Septum – Silver
Hair: LITTLE BONES -Chorus (L-Dip Dyes)
Dress: EATERS COMA – Dress w/ waist tied shirt / Dark Gray (S)
Shoes: REIGN.- Thigh High Sneakers (Slink Body)- Red
Pose: BOUNCE THIS – Slection of poses from ‘Candy’ and ‘Destiny’ Packs (Cannot recommend these poses enough, check out the MP store!)

*No post-processing done on these images, windlight used was CalWL*