Cheese and Wine and Feeling Fine!

Cheese and Wine and Feeling Fine!

‘Spruce Up Your Space’ this weekend is TO DIE FOR; featuring fabulosa dining furnishings and edibles of all kinds. Belle Belle, Alchemy’s  Attic and Second Spaces amongst others  have provided some superb Dining themed items, but my award for classy entertaining goes to Agent Orange for the ‘Barbera Cheese and Wine Party’ ensemble, seen here.Beautiful textures, shading and shaping which is what you’re expect from Agent Orange really..

Touch for a glass of wine, which is wearable and looks VERY natural, as  do the stool seating positions’s uber classy dining indeed. In fact NOT ONE of this weeks ‘Spruce up your space’ offerings is a duffer! Click here to see them all on Flickr. Warning, you’ll spend LOTS and feel very hungry too!

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