‘Spruce Up Your Space’ Nostalgia

Nostalgia’ is the theme for this weekend’s ‘Spruce Up Your Space’, and like most of the previous events it’s a veritable corker.

It’s always interesting to see how different designers have interpreted the theme, and BELLE BELLE have, as usual, come up trumps:) They’ve produced this ‘Early Settlers Desk’ which incorporates a map of Second Life in its uinfancy; featuring some interesting snapshots of famous Second Life pioneers ( Oh, And Phil Linden) as well as a reproduction of the grid. It’s scary to see how much Second Life has expanded! But it’s not just the map; you get a fantastic desk and chair with poses, as well as a (somewhat dated) laptop, a mouse and mat, bin and scrunched up notes scattered around it, pens, books and of course the obligatory cup of steaming coffee and ashtray resplendent with smoking cigarette.  I am seriously impressed by this set, but I must say I do get fed up with the assumption that everyone is a smoker in Second Life. It annoys the heck out of me when I see virtual fashion shoots featuring models with cigarettes dangling from their lips..it’s bad enough that we have to tolerate this kind of imagery in real life, but in Second Life as well? I guess you don’t have to rez it, and can delete it from your inventory too. That minor whinge aside, this is a great contribution to ‘Spruce Up Yours Space’, and a great buy for just L$150!

Sleepy Islanders..

Y’know, sometimes what I love best about Second Life is the way that mad eccentricities, crazy ideas and concepts that just couldn’t possibly exist in the real world can be actualised at the drop of a hat.
For example, floating islands. You know, like the ones in ‘Avatar’? well they’re ten a penny in Second Life, and range from teeny tiny to huge all-sim encompassing floating masses of tundra. They’re ACE.
Sienia Trevellion, of Agent Orange, has contributed to the latest round of ‘Spruce Up Your Space’ with a floating island that’s accessible to practically all of (virtual) us, and it doesn’t require too many prims or too large a parcel to set up.
She’s called it ‘Sleepy Island’, because it’s an island for sleeping upon, natch. It’s also rather beautiful with whimsical decoration including a selection of interactive hanging lanterns to illuminate this secret snuggle spot and a huge cloud-like tree to shelter you, under which you’ll find a blanket with pillows for you and a loved one to cuddle up on and enjoy the view. My advice? Explore some of the lighting settings, rez this high in the sky so you can’t be disturbed, and spend your Saturday night high above the clouds with someone that you love.
In this case, it was me and a bunny:)

Check out all the worthy ‘Spruce Up Your Space’ lovelies by clicking HERE and get your Lindens ready because they’re all rather superb:)

Sleepy Island part of ‘Spruce Up Your Space’ and created by Sienia Trevellion

Control glow and light on tree and lanterns

39 prims

Fits a 10×10 space

2 sleeping poses

copy/mod/no trans


Cheese and Wine and Feeling Fine!

‘Spruce Up Your Space’ this weekend is TO DIE FOR; featuring fabulosa dining furnishings and edibles of all kinds. Belle Belle, Alchemy’s  Attic and Second Spaces amongst others  have provided some superb Dining themed items, but my award for classy entertaining goes to Agent Orange for the ‘Barbera Cheese and Wine Party’ ensemble, seen here.Beautiful textures, shading and shaping which is what you’re expect from Agent Orange really..

Touch for a glass of wine, which is wearable and looks VERY natural, as  do the stool seating positions ..it’s uber classy dining indeed. In fact NOT ONE of this weeks ‘Spruce up your space’ offerings is a duffer! Click here to see them all on Flickr. Warning, you’ll spend LOTS and feel very hungry too!