Bank Holiday Fun @ ‘The Green Man’

Bank Holiday Fun @ ‘The Green Man’

It may well be pouring it down outside, but at least the sun always shines in Second Life! This Bank Holiday sees the inaugural street race at Westminster. Brought to you by the same team behind the fondly remembered  ‘The Three Lions’ ( That’ll be Phill Plasma and Kai Sachertorte then, remember what a hoot 3L was?)  and the fun has already begun with street racing, competitions, DJ’s and live music scheduled throughout the weekend!  Entry into the races is free to all, mini hot rods will be provided and there will be extra prizes for best racing attire. ‘The Green Man’ and ‘The A List’ will be open as usual as well as the many quality stores around Westminster; and there will be a BBQ in the square culminating in an epic fireworks display on both nights! Come along and join in the fun, you may well find that you  have just discovered your new favourite Second Life haunt…
posted by Kitty Otoole on London Westminster W1 using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

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