Two reasons to LOVE Fab-Free #1

Two reasons to LOVE Fab-Free #1

The ‘Fab-Free’ team are without a doubt some of the hardest working bloggers upon the grid. Renee and Co always supply freebie hunters with the most up to date information and offer an invaluable service to most residents upon the grid via their blog. I always take a look at Fabfree to see what stores I should be checking out, because chances are if a freebie appeals to me the rest of the store will too. Also, it’s useful for finding Menswear for Dad..because he’s too lazy to shop for himself (both in SL AND RL)

Anyway, here’s another reason to LOVE Fabfree..a list of Advent Calendars and Hunts! WOOT!!

(Reason #2 coming soon!)


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