The Kitty Cat’s Pyjamas!

The Kitty Cat’s Pyjamas!

WOE have just launched some utterly fabbo jimmy-jams. In RL, I’d live in my PJ’s if I could..I even popped to Tesco’s in them once ( It was the middle of the night and I was full of cold. I never thought anyone I knew would see me..well, you can guess the rest!) They come in a range of colours, and are available to fit both the fellas and the foxes:) They’re called ‘Kylei’, and in this photo I’m wearing the Maroon styling. The pants are accompanied by this very well crafted top, which is semi-transparent. The creasing on the top is excellent and very realistic indeed. If you look at the back of the top there’s a teeny tiny WOE logo hiding on there, and there are prim cuffs as well as dangly elasticated cords on the front. These are great fun to wear and I’m planning on finishing the rest of the ‘Down The Chimney Hunt’ in them! Speaking of which, I’m wearing an item from the hunt in this picture. It’s hunt gift 51, and it’s this rather smashing messy christmas hairstyle called ‘Notty & Nice’ .

Make sure you participate in the hunt, because there are some ridiculously amazing items available, and Fab Free is going to be previewing the wares over the next couple of days. Whisper has already been busy and published part 1 of a feature showcasing the clothing! Anyway, Christmas PJ’s sorted…and I think these would make a great xmas gift in world! Why not pop over to WOE and see what you think?

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