Kittylicious Sneaky Peek!

Kittylicious Sneaky Peek!

I’m working hard to get my stores ready for Christmas..I’ve started later than some I know, but better late than never! I’m preparing some brand new shapes especially for the festive season, as well as thinking up some new offers and shedding some old stock.At the moment my store in Harlow is filled to the brim with shapes, including my recent Christmas releases as well as some perennial favorites, with each shape costing JUST L$50! Even if the poster says otherwise, each shape is fifty lindens…how funny that I’m telling you about this on a Friday eh? It’s worth paying a visit and getting your fill of my shapely bargains, and while you are there make sure that you slab the subscribo because this shape, ‘Jingle Belle’, is my Christmas gift to you all. She’s actually one of the best shapes I’ve ever created..I should sell her really but stuff it, this is the season for giving after all:)

 My store in Malt is having a bit of a redesign, and will be ready to go with some new stock hopefully by the end of the weekend, obviously I’ll keep you posted on that..IF you want to buy some shapes as a gift please contact me and we’ll work something out. I’m happy to help, oh and as a final note…the raffle should be starting next week too! Remember that? To enter you’ll need to buy a special shape that I’ll be releasing next week, and all those who do will be entered into a draw to win EVERY SINGLE SHAPE I have ever made thus far..and also free shapes from my collection for life! ( Basically each time I release some new goodies, the winner gets them for nuffink!)

If you or a friend are shape addicts then you really don’t want to miss this!!

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