Feast your eyes on the nomminess of this little beauty! Ain’t she wonderful? Launa Fauna has rebranded to ‘L.Fauna’, and this is her ‘Fifty Linden Friday’ offering….isn’t it just *stunning*?
I have always liked Launa’s skins, but I’ve never felt as comfortable in them as I do in Curio or Redgrave. That may be about to change, because this skin is incredibly beautiful and as a complete package offers an array of fab features: sumptuous colouring and shading across the cheeks, and eyes that are amazing; the lashes and the styling of the brow are just perfect. As you can see, body detail is exceptional too, even when viewed through the built in corset. Actually, I don’t mind that you can’t remove this at all because it’s just beautiful, and come on..for FIFTY lindens? It’s an absolute bloody gift! I’m going to have lots of fun with this skin….I suggest you get your arse in gear and go and get this wonderful addition to your skin repertoire. Incidentally, the package includes SIX shades ( I’m wearing Tan 1 here) so all tastes are catered to…as you can tell I am CHUFFED to pieces by this. Well done Launa!!
Oh, and in case you were wondering, the shape is by Kittylicious! and is called ‘Christmas’. Looks great doesn’t it? NOMMY!

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