Street Dermatology Freebie Skin

Street Dermatology Freebie Skin

We are being so utterly spoiled this Christmas, it’s almost overwhelming. The grid is teeming with advent calendars, hunts and random gifts from every kind of designer. I have absolutely no idea how the Fabfree gang keep up with it all to be honest! I strongly suggest you keep a beady eye on the feeds, because you’ll miss out on some wonderful treats otherwise. For example, had I not been reading Fashion Feed Of SL this morning I would have missed out on discovering this utterly sumptuous skin from a creator I had never encountered before, “Street Dermatology” It’s a group gift, so you’ll need to join, but *wow*, it’s totally worth it. There seems to be a load of green eyeshadow themed skins around, and I for one am very happy with’s good to have some festive colour.
What I love about this skin is the eyeliner, it’s *perfect*. Can you see the inner corner of the eye? Doesn’t it look swish..ooh I do love me a bit of eyeliner on a skin, . Plus I adore the juxtaposition with the glossy, gold lip. It’s a stunning skin for a freebie, and if this is the kind of quality that Street Dermatology distribute on a regular basis, then it tells you that their full price skins are definitely worth checking out; I know that I will be in future! Incidentally, the shape worn in this picture is my Festive shape, and I think it works beautifully with this skin:)

One thought on “Street Dermatology Freebie Skin

  1. I have become a huge fan of Street Dermatology! They have revolutionized the skin market! Not only do you get to choose between body types (mainly nicely separated breast look, or sexy squished together boobs), but you get a fabulous range of skin tones and best of all, you can modify your makeup. You get all makeups with each skin! I just love them!


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