If you aren’t familiar with SL Daily Deals then cease your cranial/rectal inversion and get over to the website sharpish and get acquainted, otherwise you’ll miss out on beauties like this. This is a special ‘Snow Fae’ edition of L. Fauna’s new release, the amazing ‘Lapine’. It has 6 make ups all equipped with a choice of enhanced or non-enhanced cleavage ( enhanced every time if you ask me, looks amazing!) and FOR TODAY ONLY is half-price at L$1500. Not only that, but there were only 65 packs made available to purchase, and when I checked that number was steadily decreasing..half an hour ago there were fifty left. Now I know you may be thinking ‘I’ve got plenty of time’, but actually you ain’t..because when word gets out about this wee beauty the grid will probably spontaneously combust in a fashion that you only usually witness at Le. Look these days. If you love pale skins then go and treat yourself, check out SL Daily Deals to see the make ups ( there’s some real treats there, I love the blue-lip and the scarlett lip versions) and spend the rest of your SL day flouncing around the grid in a snow fairly like fashion…tra-la-lee!

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