Pet Shop Boys themed party in-world!

Pet Shop Boys themed party in-world!

LydiaTennant Beck, one of the members of my in-world group ‘PSB Fans In SL’,  promotes an exceptionally popular internet forum about the boys which created a charity album last year in the spirit of all things Tennant/Lowe called ‘Philanthropy’. Although not affiliated with the chaps in any way, it’s proved very successful and it’s hoped that this success will be built upon on 20th December, when a PSB themed party is being held at ‘Club Extreme’ in-world. Not only will you be able to hear tracks from ‘Philanthropy’, but you’ll also be able to hear classic PSB choons, as well as all kinds of Electro goodness from the likes of New Order, Erasure, Lady GaGa and many more. If you’re a fan then you really don’t want to miss this! (All enquiries contact LydiaTennant Beck, I’ve not had any involvement) Look forward to seeing you there, it promises to be a corking event!

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