Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Blimey..another festive season over and done with like *that* Goes too quickly doesn’t it? I hope you’ve had a corker, and it must be said that the festive season in Second Life was especially good this year..LOTS of parties, LOTS of goodies and LOTS of ho ho ho! But alas, time to return to normal service. I’m going to remember 2009 as the year that I found some really brilliant retailers, and became a store owner myself. It was the year of hunts, hunts and MORE hunts..to the point that the grid became saturated and the backlash began. In fact, 2009 was the year that politics really raised its ugly head and it seemed *everything* suddenly became an issue; drama seemed to seep out of the virtual pores of every blog and the fire was fuelled even further by the arrival of a miscellany of third-party viewers and the dreaded copybot…It was the year that saw ‘Shopping Cart Disco’ go from strength to strength as many other blogs and sadly businesses in world closed for good. My predictions for 2010 aren’t many. There will be ever-increasing dramas I’m sure, but I think we’ll start to see the beginnings of change upon the grid, starting with ‘Second Life 2.0’ I truly believe that quality will be the driving force of the economy, rather than quantity, with some of the most well-known retailers shunning XstreetSL and utilising other retail providers. I think Second Life will continue to make the headlines, and I feel that it will start to be taken more seriously again as a business tool as the global recession starts to ease. I’m excited by the potential that the content creators have to offer; the clothes, the furnishings and the objects that are going to be created in-world are sure to be amazing…I’m MOIST at the very thought! On a personal level, ‘Kittylicious’ Shapes is going to continue to offer quality shapes at bargain prices. I’m also working on a couple of other business ventures, and of course I’ll spill all the details on here when the time is just right.

Kittywitchin’ I’m afraid will continue in its usual vein..with my sharing some cracking finds with you all, as well as discussing the issues of the day and other assorted nonsense when I can find the time:) Here’s wishing you all a wonderful 2010!

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